I often never considered how important it is to make sure one feeds their body the essential nutrients. Protein is on that list.

Even before I stopped eating meat, I know my body never received enough protein. I just didn't eat enough foods that contained protein. I never considered this to be much of a problem, until now.

Winter is rough. It's cold and dark because the sun hides away from the world more than usual. The lack of sunlight results in deficiencies in vitamin D and serotonin, necessary components of human health.

I chalked up fatigue and low moods as depressive symptoms. I wasn't concerned about my food cravings. However, when given the opportunity by my sister and my brother-in-law to try some bottles of their meal replacement drink, Soylent, I have different thoughts. They're always giving me food for free.

Soylent is a drinkable meal replacement containing adequate levels of vitamins, 20% protein, and 20% of one's daily nutrition values. As a college student who doesn't spend time cooking my own food or even take the time to count the nutrition values in the food I eat, it sounds like a good trade off.

What sticks with me is that it contains 20% protein.

I noticed that on a day I drink a bottle of Soylent, I have more energy, remain full for a while, and snack less often during the day. The first time I noticed this I immediately remembered a circumstance where I said to one my friends, "I want snacks. Let's get some snacks." She only responded with, "If you're craving snacks, your body doesn't have enough protein."

Most days I consume little to no protein and eat snacks late in the evening. When I do consume an adequate amount of protein, say from drinking a Soylent, I don't crave snack foods: chips, cookies, candy, etc. My friend's enlightening comments stands as a reminder in my brain.

Protein is more important than I thought it was. I've scheduled myself to order my own container set of Soylent.