Pros And Cons Of Living Across The Country For College
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Student Life

Pros And Cons Of Living Across The Country For College

Your average Texas gal and her enlightening experiences in the 315!

Pros And Cons Of Living Across The Country For College
Neha Penmesta

All the things you need to know about moving across the country.

Here are the pros (1-4) and the cons (5-6):

1. You get distance from your family.

It's definitely harder for your parents to come to visit you every other weekend when they have to take two flights to get to you. They'd much rather save the cost of flights and let you just come home for the breaks. The distance also really helps you become more self-sufficient.

I personally learned how to handle bills, schedule appointments, and take care of myself when I'm sick. Of course, my parents are still there in spirit ready to transfer money into my account whenever I need it so that parts always comforting.

2. You get distance from the high school bubble.

In my high school personally, there were about three or so colleges somewhat close to home that a majority of the seniors ended up going to and a good chunk of the others went to colleges pretty close by as well. As much as I enjoyed (and didn't enjoy) high school I'm glad I got the chance to start fresh where I didn't know anyone and no one knew me.

A good chunk of the people I went to high school with had known me since elementary or middle school but in college, I was given the opportunity to completely reinvent myself.

3. You get the experience of a different culture.

I went from the southern world of Tex-Mex and 'yeehaw' up to the north where it is a lot less about 'yeehaw' and a lot more "yurrr'. There is a lot of other slang that is used here as well such as 'brick city', 'bubbler' and 'deadass'. Even the political climate is different where in the south there is a lot more conservatism and in the north, it is a lot more liberal.

4. You experience the best of ALL seasons.

Syracuse University is obviously known for its beautiful autumn weather where the trees everywhere change colors and winters here are no joke. The weather is brutal, but the snow sure is pretty! In contrast, going back for summer break I'll experience sunny weather in the high 90s. So overall, I'll really be getting the best of all seasons!

5. You get homesick.

Yes, the homesickness is real. It is quite easy in such an active school to get distracted, but at some point, you will feel homesick. For me, it hit a week before Thanksgiving break. I was getting really tired of the dining hall food and I missed my mom's home-cooked meals.

Luckily, I was going home in a week, so I was able to hold out until then. In order to best prevent this, I recommend keeping in touch with your friends and family back home. It's easy to get distracted by all the new people you meet and the crazy course load that's thrown at you, but make sure you leave time for the people back home. They will help you feel less homesick!

6. It is an absolute nightmare getting home.

The costs are unnecessarily high for a plane ticket home and back but on top of that, the Syracuse Hancock airport is not a big airport. In result, I can't take a direct flight home because they are not offered. Instead, I have to take two flights home which usually involves a somewhat lengthy layover as well. I waste almost a whole day on a plane when I could only spend a few hours.

To be completely honest, going across the country for college had to be one of the best decisions I've made. I've learned so much from the two different environments and although there are some low points about living so far away, the pros definitely outweigh them.

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