Debating whether or not to try out that bright hair you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest? Do you want mermaid hair, but are too afraid to try it? Read through this lit of pros and cons, and make up your own mind about it!


1. You will feel more like yourself.

Expressing yourself is important. Some people do it through clothes, some through makeup, others just with personality, but coloring your hair is definitely a valid and exciting option!

2. You will look awesome!

Colorful hair is super pretty and unique to you. After all, nobody is born with lilac tresss, green streaks or flaming red bangs. It is definitely a unique way to make yourself noticeable.

3. There are infinite possibilities.

Galaxy Hair, Sunset Hair, half and half, the options are endless! You can have basically any combination of colors you can imagine.

4. You meet a lot of cool people.

While bonding over which colors to choose, you might be surprised to find out how cool your hair stylist is! Or maybe your dye job will get you into some really great conversations with complete strangers, and potentially new friends.

5. It’s safe.

Unless you bleach your hair every time you change colors, or are using chemical-heavy formulaic dyes, your hair will be a-ok! Hair dye is becoming progressively more plant-based, and often conditions your hair while it sets.

6. Change.

Changing your hair color, much alike changing your hair cut, can bring about change in your life. Had a bad break up? Going to a new school? It’s the perfect time to try out that color you’ve always been too afraid to try. It’s the same idea as rearranging your room. And if you don’t like it you can always start over.


1. Fading.

Depending on the dye you use, and your shampoo, your hair may need frequent retouching. The longevity of your color is best ensured by using permanent hair color, and dye-safe shampoo. Some people use temporary dye, let it fade out, and use this as an opportunity to switch colors again.

2. People won’t always like it.

…and they don’t have to. You might get a sideways look, or negative comment every now and then, but it’s nothing to worry about. If people have nothing better to do than judge you for your hair color, that’s their own problem.

3. It can be expensive.

Having a truly intricate hair color might cost you a lot from the local hair salon, but it’s definitely worth having it colored evenly. If you really can’t afford it, there are plenty cheap, drugstore alternatives.