The Pros And Cons Of Fall
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The Pros And Cons Of Fall

Because we aren't all cut out for this season.

The Pros And Cons Of Fall
Jay Warrenfells

As we can all easily glean from social media, Fall is many people's favorite time of year. The cooler weather, the holiday, the colorful leaves...but what about the freezing wind, the children, and raking up said leaves? Fall is debatable.

1. Corn Mazes

OK, people, this is an indisputable fact: corn mazes are by far the most fun thing to do in the fall. Plus, their special-ness is preserved because they aren't available at any other time of the year. The best kind of corn mazes are the really elaborate ones with maps. They allow you to practice your problem-solving and navigational skills while also weeding out friends that won't be useful in an anarchy-type situation.

2. Pumpkins in General

Fall is really the only time that people around the country are equally enthusiastic about the same produce. Yes, during the summer, we've got peach picking in the South, and I don't know maybe there's some kind of family potato harvesting in Idaho sometime, but it's pumpkins that really bring people together.

3. Halloween

Where do I even start with Halloween? The costumes, the candy, getting to walk around late at night and no one thinking you're weird; it's just great. I personally believe that dressing up as someone else is a very therapeutic experience. Just having a night where you can pretend you don't have to write a paper, go to class, and buy groceries the next day can do wonders for a person's stress level.

4. Plaid

Life hack: If you're trying to avoid someone during the autumn months, wear plaid. Since everyone wears plaid in the fall, you'll blend right in and no one will even notice you! OK, seriously, though. Plaid is nice and all, but the problem is it's considered a seasonal print. September through November is completely oversaturated with plaid. PSA: Plaid is not just for Fall. Plaid is for the whole year. Plaid is life. That is all.

5. Starbucks

I am so sick of hearing about what drinks people get at Starbucks. I don't care what kind of pumpkin coffee you like, Lauren. If you want to waste your money on that, it is your business, but keep that hayride-flavored latte to yourself. Oh, and speaking of that...

6. Hayrides

Screaming children + sneeze-inducing nature = hayride. You know who invented hayrides? The pioneers. Probably because it was all they had. Let me tell you, I don't want to go out and pretend to wander the Oregon Trail for fun. If I ever become President, the first thing I will do is outlaw hayrides. The hay is itchy, the children are in my space, and there's a tractor involved. Hayrides are the worst.

Fall is a season of division: college football, family disputes at Thanksgiving, and, of course, our opinions on the season itself. Whether or not fall should exist, we must accept that indeed it does, and we might as well make the most of it.

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