To my little tater tot,

You may still have some time before you make your grand appearance into the world, but that doesn't mean that the world isn't currently preparing for your arrival. Little do you know that while you're currently cozied up inside your mama's belly, a bedroom is being put together for you, baby books are starting to fill your shelves, and your closet is filling up fast (and let me tell you, your wardrobe is CUTE).

With this being said, you are the sweet bundle of joy that is going to make me an Auntie and words cannot describe how ecstatic I am to meet you. I have a few promises to make to you that I will continue to keep from now until always.

I promise to always protect you. Becoming your Auntie is already one of my greatest privileges. No matter how tiny you are or how grown you become, I promise to always defend you and keep you safe. This world can be scary sometimes, but with how many people are going to have your back as you continue to grow, you don't need to be afraid. The world is going to be your oyster. Conquer it and take risks. With every risk you take, you have a very protective Auntie standing behind you.

I promise to be the fun Auntie. You're gonna need a fun Auntie who you feel comfortable to tell anything to. I'm going to have lots of stuff for you to play with whenever you come over and I will always feed you with the tastiest treats (once you're old enough to eat chocolate). I will lay on the floor and color pictures with you all day long and let you pick every movie I put in for you to watch before dozing off into your afternoon naps. You can make the biggest mess you want at my house, in fact, I'll help you make it. You never have to worry about life being dull because you can always come to hang out with your Auntie. Although your parents are pretty fun, too, so I'll be surprised if you're ever bored.

I promise to spoil you every now and then. Yeah, yeah, we all know I'm going to spoil the crap out of you. However, even though I will spoil you, I will still strive to teach you important lessons like sharing and understanding that sometimes you have to earn the good things that come to you. Maybe I'll make a rule that whenever I take you shopping, you can pick out one toy to take home.

I promise to be a good role model for you. As I've grown up I've noticed so much about myself and how what I do has an impact on those around me, especially you, little one. I want to be somebody that you will look up to and admire and I always want to be a good example of how you should behave. I want to encourage you to make good life choices and cheer you on through everything you do in life, no matter what paths you take.

I promise to cherish every moment with you. Starting from the day you're born, I promise to take advantage of every second I get to spend with you. No minute will go wasted and I will truly cherish every moment. From when you're a newborn baby sleeping in my arms, to a toddler running around in their terrible 2's, to a pre-teen who is just now discovering makeup, to your adult years, I promise to never take any of those moments for granted.

I promise to always love you. No matter what, I am always going to love you. When you make mistakes, and believe me, you will, I promise to always forgive you and love you unconditionally.

Words can't describe how excited I am to welcome you into this world and how privileged I am to be your Auntie. The world is going to become a little brighter with you joining us and you're going to be welcomed into the best family. I hope you're gonna be a cuddler because nobody is ever gonna wanna put you down. I hope you are excited to meet me as I am you.

I love you so much already, little one.


Auntie Kels