The Projection Of Women In Advertising

The Projection Of Women In Advertising

Just because it continues doesn't mean its okay.

Females begin being influenced by advertising at the point in their lives when fitting in is already a crucial item on their daily agenda. In saying that, having warped views of reality regarding the image of women from advertising creates a stereotype female’s attempt to live up to that simply does not exist outside of advertising.

With a society so invested in social media and adapting to social norms, the “norms” are based on how the female sex is projected in social media and advertising. Designer ads send the message that it is okay to be seen as inferior to the male sex. Perfume ads for example are often somewhat sensual, a bit intriguing and draw the audience’s attention towards the bottle with it’s flashy design. With an enlarged image of the smooth curved bottle, mimicking the shape of the models torso and hips in the ad, which holds a rich shade of liquid visible inside of it. The ads have thin women in the center with their model's wearing neutral makeup and men's dress coats to attempt to cover themselves. Ads tell their audience that being projected as weak is acceptable as long as it parallels being beautiful and thin.

When corporations produce advertisements the ultimate goal is selling the product being advertised. To do so- the product will be objectified in whichever way brings in more revenue, and in today’s society that way is through sex appeal. Face it- sex sells. The sexual appeal is delivered to consumers through advertisements with racy images, nude or close to nude women and with strong male personas somehow present throughout the ad to make the woman in the advertisement seem inferior.

Females of all ages are influenced by advertisements because they consume everyday life, but that doesn’t make it okay to continue projecting them the way we are. Unfortunately, these ads are all around us, making it hard to escape the images of the seemingly flawless women, which in actuality is degrading and unrealistic. The models get photo shopped and have a makeup team ensuring they are presented as nothing but flawless. Real people, real women in real life do not have teams to daily perfect them. Leaving nothing but disappointment and a serious need of confidence boosting when looking in the mirror after seeing these ads.

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The Financial Impact Of Cyber Crime And Symantec’s Response

Financial Impact Of Cyber Crime!

Cyberattack incidents are employed by organizations and individuals with a purpose of exploiting a specific target system. The unscrupulous hackers purposefully insert malicious codes, virus, and ransomware to steal, alter, and destroy a target computer information system, computer networks, infrastructure, and personal computing devices etc. With the advancement of technology, the number of cyberattack incidents is increasing at a rapid rate. Currently the situation is extremely alarming. Be it a government or a company's site or even your personal blog, everything is susceptible to hacking and cyberattack. And, if such situations continue to happen, they may lead to huge business loss, financial impact and damage to your brand reputation. 

Let's now reveal some statistics that clearly portray the impact of cybercrime worldwide and in the UK in particular. 

Cyberattack Incidents Cost UK Firms More Than £30bn in 2016 

Businesses in the United Kingdom have lost around £30 billion dollars due to hacking and cyberattack. As of 2016, 52% of UK business firms have been victim to cyberattack incidents. Virus and phishing attacks have remained the most common threats. Plus, several incidents of hacking and confidential data breach have been also reported. In fact, the risk of confidential data theft has remained one of the most concerned issues in the country. For example, 30% of UK firms are regularly discussing these incidents in their leadership meetings. To sum up, British businesses have lost £5.3bn for social engineering, £4.6bn for denial of service, £916m for data breaches, and £5bn for virus attacks. 

Around one year ago, the figure of financial losses (due to cybercrimes) was around 18% lesser. Considering this situation, European government has encouraged both small businesses and large businesses to invest more in advanced cyber security measures. This will help the businesses to detect attacks before they turn into a big business issue. And, the same security measures should be applicable to all international businesses to avoid cyberattack and its critical implications. 

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud for Advanced Security Management

 Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud, a revolutionary invention offers threat protection and advance security management for all types of devices including mobile devices, PC, Mac, and servers. Thus, this software can quickly protect all of the possible endpoints and stop the zero-day threats, ransomware, and other forms of sophisticated attacks. 

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is an ideal solution for all organizations that have limited IT security resources. It comes with a user self-enrollment portal that enables employees to enroll both personal and corporate devices in a few minutes. Thus, it reduces the demands for IT and supports end-user convenience. 

Its scheduled reporting automatically tracks both employee owned and company owned devices including software and hardware details for compliance purposes and asset management. The software comes with flexible annual and monthly subscription options. 

Features of Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud and Coupons 

1. It blocks evolving threats on your Macs, PCs, and Windows Server with its advanced multi-layered technologies that include emulation, machine learning, and behavior analysis. 

2. Mobile threat protection for the Android devices will block malware and protect users from fraud activities. 

3. Built-in device management will enforce optimum device security, network access policy controls, and data protection on the endpoints. 

The user-based subscription for Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud starts with a minimum amount of £2.88 per month. To add encryption (an additional level of security), £1.17 will be charged per user/month. The server-based subscription costs £2.23 per month. However, the company gives discount codes to small and medium businesses who want to protect themselves. Symantec coupons are provided through software vendors, technology sites like Qetes, and deal sites like Groupon. An average Symantec promo code gives a 15% discount.

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Meditation In Motion With Alto's Odyssey

How the newest game in the Alto series makes the most of its broadened horizons.

After a brief reflection on the newest Monument Valley installment, I was recently introduced to another mesmerizing mobile phone game: Alto's Odyssey. It's actually a follow-up to another Team Alto release, Alto's Adventure -- a collaboration between Canadian studio Snowman and lead artist/programmer Harry Nesbitt -- but my entrance to the series starts here. I'm discovering that I might have a certain taste for cerebral games; both are minimalist in character design but striking in their color palette and sense of environment (a picture says a thousand words is a pretty apt metaphor here), but that is where the similarities end.

The game opens on raspy, meditative chords, not dissimilar to the opening notes of Trevor Morris's theme for Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition. The association alone had my breath catching in my throat and tugging at my heartstrings. The title screen is set against a horizon awash in dawn and speckled with hot air balloons as the sun slowly rises to scorch the hills upon hills of sand. If I wait long enough even the text fades away, and I am alone in the middle of a vast desert. But, with a tap, a blur enters from the left side of the screen and Alto is there, sandboard slamming onto the slopes.

My choices are limited -- jump or not jump, flip or don't flip -- but that doesn't mean the experience has to be as well. I guide Alto through countless biomes in a never-ending cycle of day and night, of wind and rain and dusk. There are sets of three goals at a time -- such as "Discover The Canyons", "Break a pot using a lotus flower", or the easy-breezy "Backflip off of a hot air balloon" -- that string me along and give me a concrete reason to play. I collect glowing coins along the slopes, which I can trade in at the Workshop for stronger helmets, extra lives, and special items. The scarf trailing behind Alto grows longer the farther I'm able to go or the more combos I'm able to land in one run, and after a certain amount of time I can even spot brightly-colored Birds of Paradise hovering over Alto's shoulder, curious at my progress. I quickly sink into the rhythm of the game, calculating the time and distance of my jumps, distinguishing between rocks and plant life, and cringing when I overestimate the number of flips I can accomplish in one go. But the game doesn't seem to mind my many failures: it promptly tells me to dust off and try again. "Don't worry, crashes happen!"

The more goals I accomplish the more levels I ascend, which gradually allows my boarder to progress further into entirely new zones, with new platforms and abilities and characters to spice it up a little. When I find myself getting too incensed (usually because I can't shake a pesky lemur off my tail) I can return to the title screen and swipe to the left, activating what I'm calling Zen Mode and leaving me with only the horizon and a simplistic, rotating drawing of the sun. I focus on the sun and the swaying cacti as my breathing levels off, and I'm ready to try again or go about my day.

I know Alto's Odyssey has so much more to offer me -- hours of smooth gliding, new areas, contemplative tunes, and more characters to test out on the slopes -- but the game makes it clear that I must work for such simple pleasures. I have to fail many times before I can accomplish menial goals, each one taking me further down the slopes than the last. It knows exactly what kind of game it is, and excels in all quadrants: it has gorgeous graphics, runs smoothly, doesn't overload me with objectives or abilities, and is overall one of the most meditative games I've played just to pass the time. Perhaps the best way to wake up is with Alto in your cup!

Alto's Odyssey is now available for download on iOS devices in the App Store.

Cover Image Credit: Team Alto

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