Professors, You're Not My Parent, Stop Acting Like You Are

Professors, You're Not My Parent, Stop Acting Like You Are

I don't need you holding my hand or calling me out when I leave class due to a bodily function.


Dear professors everywhere,

Sit down. I have shocking news for you.

I am not your child and you are not my parent.

I don't know where you got it in your head that now that I don't live with my mom, you need to fill those shoes. But it's time that someone sets you straight.

Stop treating college students like we are babies. I get it — we are young and probably look like we are 12 to you, but most of us actually want to be here.

Stop taking attendance.

Class is my number one priority. I am here to get my degree. I spent hours prepping for SATs, adding extracurriculars to my resume, grueling over applications, and applying for scholarships.

I didn't do this because mommy and daddy made me. I did it because I want to be here.

Professors claim that they take attendance because in the "real world" you can't just skip work.

News flash — the real is why I am missing your class.

As students, we live in the "real world" and juggle college on top of that. Many of us go to school full time, work, and have personal lives.

If I need to skip your class because I have work, got sick, or need to take the time to do something else, I shouldn't be penalized.

Quit banning electronics.

I get that it can be rude to sit on your phone during class but if a student wants to waste their time and money, let them.

Do not punish the rest of us who like to use technology to advance our learning experience. It is so nice to be able to google something to clarify a point or add notes to your slides as you are lecturing.

My ultimate pet peeve is when professors sight the study that typed notes don't get absorbed as well as written notes. This is fantastic information that you are providing me but let me make that decision. Do not make it for me.

Stop calling students out for leaving the classroom.

Holy shit. I pay taxes, vote, and go to happy hour. I should be able to piss without asking permission to leave a classroom.

It is so incredibly awkward when you make snarky comments about people leaving your classroom and then they have to announce to the whole class that they have normal bodily functions.

Don't tell me how to use my time if you designate class time to work.

We are juggling so many classes and sometimes yours is not our number one priority. If you are going to waste class time by giving us time to work (time that I have spent thousands of dollars on), I will use it how I need it.

I am sorry if I hurt your feeling, but if you waste my time, I am wasting yours.

Quit mansplaining the basics.

Stop treating us like we are dumb. We worked hard to get here. Sure, we don't have our Ph.D., but that's because we are undergrad students. Some of us will get there someday but for now, recognize that we did graduate from High School.

If you would like to ignore these guidelines, I suggest you go back to school and get a degree in teaching so that you can teach high schoolers or middle schoolers.

Unfortunately, then you would probably have to suffer through the insufferable behavior professors have towards their students.

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