10 Things I’d Like To Say To My Professors, As I Stroll On Out Of Their Final Exams

10 Things I’d Like To Say To My Professors, As I Stroll On Out Of Their Final Exams

We think it, but won't actually say it.


Today was the last day of my finals and I have got to say I am so damn happy! Some classes I had real connections with the students and the professors. On the other side of the spectrum, I had some professors I'd rather not see again. So as I handed in that paper I spent all night working on, or that exam that half the questions I did not understand, here are some thoughts I had floating through my head that you might relate to as well:

1. We barely used your book that you told us to buy.

We spend over 200 bucks on books and half the time we don't even use them! That is what Chegg and Bookholders are for.

2. Only 1/6 of what you taught us will remain in my head for the next month.

We cram and cram for the exam and the second we turn it in, the Netflix binging begins and the information dumps out on the floor.

3. Please grade my final exam quickly so I can see if I passed or failed.

I understand you have 100+ exams to grade but could you do it in like a week? *cringe face*

4. I wish the next semester's class good luck.

I am so glad I am not taking this class again.

5. Will there be a curve on the exam?

I know I am not the ONLY one who just bombed it, so please, have mercy!

6. It's classes like yours that make me rethink my major.

What is my purpose in life?

7. There's at least 3 things that you could have taken out of the syllabus.

Why make this class harder than it needs to be?

8. Better yet, you did not even follow the syllabus.

C'mon, really?

9. You may have been the most impactful professor I have had so far.

Even though your class may have been hard, or boring or could have been amazing, you as a professor has made my time at college great!

10. I cannot wait to fill out the teacher evaluations.

That can be good or bad depending on who you are.

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14 Types Of Girls You Meet At Every College Party As Told By 'The Bachelor' Contestants

There are girls crying, people making out, and more drama than I can handle.


'Bachelor' season is upon us, which means Monday nights are now filled with more drama, more wine, and more crazy. For those of you who are adamant fans, you know what's up. But for those of you still denying yourself the simple (yet insanely chaotic) pleasure of watching the show that makes millions of girls have way too high of expectations for love- you are missing out. It's good, it's terrible, but at the end of the day, you get to spend 2+ hours invested in a bunch of women you don't know dealing with problems that don't affect us in the real world.

Thinking about it, it's just like every college party I've ever been to. There are girls crying, people making out, and more drama than I can handle. Can you tell I don't get out much?

Here are the typical college girls you usually come across on a Friday night.

1. The girl who can't stop crying.


As soon as she downs a couple shots of tequila, her emotions run high and the tears start flowing.

2. The girl who is so rude, you wonder why she's even here in the first place.


She's not here to play games. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is or make a few enemies, even at a darty in the middle of the school year.

3. The girl that can't stop eating.


But like, same tho.

4. The girl that seems to always have her tongue down some dudes throat.


Hey, no judgement. You do you, girl.

5. The girl that's just a little bit on the crazy side.


6. The girl who's just there to have a good time.


She's the one dancing all by herself till 2 a.m. every weekend and always having a blast.

7. The girl too drunk to function.


You know you're going to have to help her into the Uber in about 20 minutes before she pukes everywhere.

8. The girl who only goes out to get dressed up and show off.


9. The girl who ends up leaving you for some random dude she just met 10 minutes ago.


And she's your ride. Sucks for you.

10. The girl always ready to start a fight.


You can pick her out by the shape of her eyebrows. This girl is usually quiet, loyal, and willing to bitch-slap anyone who comes between her and her one night out.

11. The girl looking for her future husband.


For some reason, this girl thinks that her Mr. Right is going to be found at 3 a.m. in the nastiest bar downtown. Trust me honey, you can do better than that.

12. The girl who won't mind her own business.


She LOVES knowing everything about everyone and makes her way through the party at least 3 times to get the full scoop on everyone there.

13. The girl who seems to have been raised by a pack of wild bears. 


She acts like she's never been out of the house, or that her parents didn't raise her, like, at all.

14. The girl who's just there to take care of everybody.


The typical "mom" friend and DD.

If I've learned anything from watching 'The Bachelor' or from college, it's that there's no such thing as normal.

I'd much rather spend my time watching Netflix in bed all day than have to put on jeans just to go to a party where drunk people get too close to me. The heart wants what the heart wants.

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Dear High Schoolers, You Might Not Get Into Your Dream College

And that's OK.


Did you look at the cover photo? That's me at my dream school.

Except I don't go there.

My sophomore year of high school, one of my best friends introduced me to her beautiful campus as she was a freshman at the university. The minute I laid eyes on the campus, I fell madly in love. From there, I set all of my academic goals designed around how I could get into that school. Were my numbers satisfactory? Well over satisfactory in fact. Were my activities well-rounded but focused? Yeah, they were actually. Did I nail my interview? For sure I did, my interviewer was sorority sisters with my friend who goes to my dream school. I had it all in the bag with the numbers, activities, ins...everything was designed for me to go to that school.

Except the most competitive class the university had ever seen was also designed for success.

So imagine this: you're on your senior trip when you get an email from your dream school titled “Admissions Decision." My heart fluttered and dropped at the same time. I showed my friends who were surrounding me on the bus and my mom who was chaperoning the trip. Everyone reassured me that I got in and that my scholarships would be through the roof. I thought they were right. I did everything that I was supposed to do to get in. Sadly, I was waitlisted.

I know being waitlisted isn't the end of the world; you still have a chance of getting in. To me though, it meant I wasn't good enough, and waiting until after universal decision day to see if I was accepted or not scared me to death. So I brushed it off. That's the first step in being denied: resilience.

Does not getting into your dream school suck? Hell yeah it does. Is it the end of the world? No, it's not. So instead of moping around, I decided to research my backup schools. I looked into what schools had the best programs for me and then visited them. As I was visiting schools, I found a school that was like a bigger version of my dream school. It had a great program, the money was there, and so were the opportunities. The next day I went home and put down my deposit.

Did I go to my dream school? No, I didn't. Do I love the school I'm at? I'm completely in love with it. I still wonder what my life would be like if I went to my dream school, but to be honest, I don't want to find out. I'm so happy with where my life is at, and I've fallen in love with my school over and over every day.

So make sure you don't look at your denial as a closed door because it's not. It's an open window that will leave you with endless opportunities. If it hadn't been for that email that seemed like it ruined everything, I wouldn't have everything that I have today. If you don't get accepted, it's OK. Another school will be excited to have you, and there will be more opportunities awaiting.


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