College sophomore Virginia Mosoreti has just started her Youtube channel. She is a floormate of mine and a great friend of mine, so I may seem biased, but her first video is hilarious and quite informative. As she will be turning twenty years old soon, she is a "professional teenager." Here are her five steps on how to master the teenage years.

1. Love Yourself

Love yourself, be proud of yourself, and believe that you are beautiful. Virginia says, "You've gotta love yourself and your imperfections." Ignore society. "Tell yourself that you're pretty."

2. Have fun!

Just have fun, but be safe! She mentions a time that I was with her, along with two other friends, and we almost got hit by a train. So, be safe but still have fun.

3. Be crazy!

Don't be normal, be crazy. Who cares what others think and enjoy being crazy. Just enjoy life and don't be afraid to do crazy things (with caution).

4. It's okay to cry.

Being a teenager is rough, and sometimes you just wanna cry. That's totally okay. "It doesn't make you a baby. It doesn't make you weak." It's okay to have emotions.

5. Be human.

We are all human. We all have skin, we have emotions, we burp. We all do things that humans do. It's as simple as that. Just be human and don't feel embarrassed to be so.

Watch her video below and subscribe to her channel to keep up with her latest videos! #teatimewithv