8 Ways Transitioning Into A Professional Is Rough

The last of the millennial generation is dipping their toes in the business world. We're changing the way it's done, no less.

Many of us, like the generations before, have been working some minimum wage job since high school or college and are preparing to shed those for "adult jobs." During this process, as I personally prepare to leave my restaurant job in the somewhat near future, I've come to find that there are some patterns and habits I will miss out on when I'm a "businesswoman."

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1. Service industry night discounts

There are so many restaurants and bars that give out late night happy hours for servers with OLCC cards. It's such a pure and wholesome act. I'll truly miss it once my OLCC expires and I'll have no reason to renew.

2. Saying goodbye to tips

Although adult jobs pay more, I'm so used to just walking home with some cash every night. That will certainly take some adjusting.

3. The ol' 9-5

Not that these hours are in any way bad. I've just spent the last three and a half years on dinner shift restaurant time. If you know a server— you know what I mean.

4. I can't flip off ANYONE on the road anymore

Let's be honest, Portland road rage is real. We're all yuppies and hippies, but we're also non-confrontational. Put us in the safety of our cars and we'll let all our rage out. I've been known to flip off a dumbass here and there.

Becoming a realtor will change all of that. What if I want them to work with me one day? Can you imagine pulling up to a meeting with someone and they're like, "Hey, did you call me an ass in traffic yesterday?"

5. Free or discounted food

Like, this is why you get into the food biz. I adore having free vegan food at my fingertips three to four nights a week. I can't imagine going to my restaurant after leaving and paying full price.

6. Interaction with people my age

Waiting around for friends in the business world like...

7. Vacation time

Currently, I have a plethora of other servers who are happy to cover me when I want to get out of town. Becoming a business-person could mean you're the only one who does your job, and having to plan around that.

8. Difference in celebrating styles

My server buddies and I tend to smoke the devil's lettuce. The people in my office prefer liquid courage. Not that server's don't drink, but real estate agents drink.

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