Let me start out by saying that since I have come to college, procrastination and I have gotten to know each other better than I could have ever imagined. I was pretty bad about planning things out in high school and I always told myself that I'd knock it off once I got to college but man was I wrong. If anything, my procrastination has only gotten worse. I swear always start out with the best intentions of doing my assignments a few days in advance but for some reason I almost always end up leaving things to be done either the night before or the actual day that it is due.

Now, you would think that by procrastinating I would get really bad grades but that's actually not the case. I get pretty good grades to be perfectly honest. It's just that for some reason I can only seem to muster up some kind of motivation or will to do an assignment at the last minute. I thrive off of that last minute adrenaline rush that you get and, as weird as it may sound, I feel as though this is when I think the clearest. I do surprisingly well under pressure and being a sophomore in college I have so far been able to get away with procrastinating literally everything but I worry that because I have gotten so used to tis that I am going to struggle in the "real world".

All in all, being a procrastinator has worked pretty decent for me so far so I guess it's just a matter of whether or not I can continue to pull it off to my senior year!