Procrastinate Like A Pro: Finals Week Edition

Finals season is upon us, which means even more put off! I know you don't want to write that essay, or work on that project, or study for that exam, so I've compiled a useful list of other things that you can spend your time on! Because, you know, it can be hard to figure out the best way to procrastinate.

1. Clean your room.

Jam out to music while improving your quality of life by cleaning your room! While vacuuming and doing laundry may not be the most fun of procrastination activities, you can convince yourself that you’re still being somewhat productive. Put on a motivational Spotify playlist and go get the Swiffer!

2. Start packing.

It’s never too early to start packing, and if you’re like me, you could actually have fun trying to fit all of your belongings into your limited storage space. Plus, you get to play with bubble wrap and throw out a year's worth of junk!

3. Go grocery shopping.

Shopping for food is one of my favorite ways to waste time. Walk to the grocery store (yay, for fresh air!) and buy some studying food. Remember to get some of your favorite treats to reward yourself after your last exam!

4. Make cookies/cook a meal.

If you really don’t want to think about your upcoming exams, try taking the grocery shopping idea to a new level. Bake some cookies for your next study session or cook a gourmet meal. If you discover a hidden talent for baking, then you can rest easy knowing you’ll be OK if you fail all of your exams.

5. Read a book.

Another procrastination activity with some benefits! You could finally read that book your friend recommended or the one you bought yourself for Christmas. I like to pick up one of my old favorites (Harry Potter, anyone?) to spend some quality time with my favorite characters.

6. Start a new show on Netflix.

If none of the productive ideas above appeal to you, maybe you should go back to a more tried-and-true procrastination method. Try a new show on Netflix. If you’re looking for recommendations, "Parks and Recreation" is a great choice. Leslie Knope can be pretty motivating in those 21-minute episodes. Also good for final exam season are "The Big Bang Theory" (funny and somewhat related to college), "Game of Thrones" (your life isn’t so bad compared to the Starks) and "The Following" (super addicting and also very creepy).

7. Watch an old show on Netflix.

If you’re looking for something to give you a pick-me-up after a discouraging review session, I’d recommend going back to an old favorite show. "The Office" always does it for me, but any program that you’re very familiar with will work. The old characters are comforting, and it’s nice not having to concentrate on the show (or schoolwork) for a while.

8. Watch some YouTube videos.

YouTube is an endless source of distractions, and some of the bloggers on there really understand the college struggle. Check out some movie trailers, funny cat videos or vloggers to distract you from the stress and studying. For anyone going through a crisis, I want to point you towards YouTuber danisnotonfire; He freaks out constantly about what he’s doing with his life.

9. Talk to a friend.

Chances are, if you’re super stressed out because it’s finals week, then a lot of people around you are too. Go check on a friend you haven’t talked to in a few days or call up an old buddy from high school. It’ll calm you down and put things in perspective (hopefully!).

10. Take a nap.

Sleep! Taking an exam while under-rested is like taking an exam drunk (I don’t recommend it!). Take care of yourself, and if you haven’t slept enough, take a nap instead of trying to cram. You’ll feel better, think better and look like less of a crazy, caffeinated zombie, too.

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