10 Big Problems Girls With Big Boobs Understand

Yes, some smaller-boob girls want them... Yes, some boys absolutely love them... But most of us with D’s or bigger will tell you, it is the strongest love/hate (closer to hate) relationship known...

1. Let's get this out of the way: is it basically impossible to find cute bras that fit?

All the lacy bralettes or cute bras from Victorias Secret? Nope. The only bras that’ll hold these babies in and secure come in basic colors and with two-inch wide straps.

2. It’s so. hard. to wear button down shirts.

If we don’t choose wisely, the buttons gape open and you basically are giving a small peep show. Or if we stretch our arms or back... see exhibit A above. Might as well wear a t-shirt under it and wear it open.

3. Bathing suit shopping

There are more choices online, but we have to hope for the best when ordering one and if it's too small… gotta go through the sending it back and exchanging process. And strapless bathing suits are impossible.

4. Everyday exercises are basically impossible...

Whether it’s crunches or sit-ups, either your chin is in your boobs when you try to do crunches or you’ve got your very own extra few pounds to lift in a sit up.

5. You need more than one sports bra...

Life is a nightmare if you can't find the most PERFECT sports bra… which is basically impossible. I just want to wrap my boobs up like a mummy.

6. Running is not our friend...

I love running and doing cardio but y'all... exactly what Jenna says above.

7. Being told how sexual my top looks...


8. Going down stairs...

9. People almost always ask what size bra you wear...

10. You can’t wear anything strapless.

Nope. Not a thing. I need to much support for these puppies.

Don’t get me wrong, I know smaller chested girls have their own struggles big boob girls wouldn’t understand. But guys.. we not only are carrying unwanted extra weight around, we are getting so many undeserved stares that make us so self conscious. If anyone tells us they want big boobs, I PROMISE we will laugh and look at you like you’re insane.

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