There has been an ongoing battle against Pro-life and Pro-choice individuals who have different point of views when it comes to abortions.

On March 18, 2017 there was a protest against the Bronx Abortion Center by a group of people who are associated with “40DAYSFORLIFE". Their mission is to use prayer and the word of God to help end abortions. Within this peaceful protest the Pro-life activists were located in front of the abortion center, rallying for women choices.

“I couldn’t have a baby. It bothered me a lot because I knew that having a child would fulfill a part of my heart. So when I see those people arguing a side they are not experienced in it bothers me.” A pro-life supporter said.

The aforementioned supporter had a difficulty having a child. Her and her boyfriend tried on numerous occasions but was not successful. In the end after countless tries she was prosperous.

At this stage the boyfriend offered her the abortion route, but no one was taking the child from her. Now twenty-six years later she is grateful that she took the right path

Studies have shown that the number of abortions has steadily declined throughout the years. IN the 1980’s the average abortion was 29.3 per 1000 women.

Today the average is just under 15 per 1000 women.With constant battles arguing from both sides it is evident that abortions in total has seen a decline over the years, but it is in result of many aspects including new programming and funding offered by the government as well as local church’s and other charitable organizations.

Attending this protest helped me understand the different sides in each argument. Keeping an objective viewpoint, it is up to those to generate their own opinion on this matter. So where do you stand, Pro-Choice v. Pro-Life.