I am going abroad to Italy in the fall. ALL BY MYSELF! This means that I will need to plan everything I will do abroad, everything I will need to survive, and just some general mental preparation.

1. Making a list of all the essentials I will need


This process is surprisingly turning out to be me trying to figure out what essentials I shouldn't bring, and instead buy once overseas.

2. Planning outfits and making sure I have all the pieces necessary to achieve peak European style


I can finally try my hand at styles that aren't "accepted" in America.

3. Finding the right amount of cute bags/ fanny-packs that I won't be pick pocketed from


I finally get to try my hand at fanny-packs!

4. Planning all my possible Instagram pictures


I am still taking applications for a photographer who will follow me around Europe...

5. Organizing weekend trips


As stressful as this is, it will be worth it.

6. Figuring out foreign currency


This currency might take me the whole three months to completely get down.

7. Learning the language basics


I need to prove I can at least order a meal!

8. Making sure I spend plenty of quality time with family and friends before leaving


Not sure how I won't be able to see them for a whole semester.

9. Mentally preparing to make all new friends (again!)


Middle school, high school, college, and... college... AGAIN? BUT THIS TIME OUT OF THE COUNTRY?!

10. Giving my dog extra cuddles for when i'll be gone


I'll miss her the most... STOP i'm going to cry writing this.

Although there's a lot of preparing to do, the actual experience will all be worth it! Until it's time to unpack and readjust...