To The Pre-Med Student That Just Failed A Class
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To The Pre-Med Student That Failed A Class, Don't Let That Stop You From Pursuing This Major

Now that we're in a new semester, take some time to improve yourself. Evaluate what you did wrong last semester and use what you learned to improve the way you learn or study.


That word: FAILURE. It's the word everyone hates the most. For a pre-med student, "failure" is a word that should be forbidden in the dictionary. We all know how tough applying to medical schools can be, and risking failure is not something we want. However, this article is for those of you who may have failed a class last semester. This may sound odd, but it's totally OK to fail a class as a pre-med student.

Everyone has their ups and downs... it's called life!

Maybe you didn't understand the material taught in the class the first time, but hey, that's why you get to have a second chance to prove your worth. Show medical schools that even though you may have failed the first time, you worked hard to get the grade you deserve. This tells medical schools that you have the trait of never giving up! When you become a doctor, one of the many lessons you will learn is to never give up.

Don't let failure stop you.

Believe me when I say this: there are many doctors who were once a pre-med student and failed in some subject. They didn't let failure stop them from achieving their dreams. Now that we're in a new semester, take some time to improve yourself. Evaluate what you did wrong last semester and use what you learned to improve the way you learn or study. I highly suggest taking some time out of your day and bullet point ways to improve your studying habits. It's important to keep time for yourself, especially when our schedules can get so busy.

This semester, remember to focus on YOU.

Any failure can be overcome if you put your priorities first. Regarding academics, YOU are your first priority. Never forget who you are and be sure to take care of your mental health. In such stressful times, it's important to focus on your mental being and listen to your body. You got this! We're all cheering you on!

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