Pray The Hardest When It's Hardest To Pray

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Pray the hardest when it's hardest to pray"? I hear it a lot. I see it all over social media. And I cringe when I do. Not because I think it isn't true, but because I wonder how many people believe that the quote only applies to bad situations and not to everyday life.

Sometime it is beyond hard to pray in the hardest moments. I've been there. I've done that. I've held off that conversation because all I did was bawl when it did come around. But it just isn't the bad times in which it can be difficult to pray. But it can be the good times as well.

How often do you think about prayer in the good times? Honestly? I don't think about it nearly as often as I should. I often don't spend nearly enough time in prayer on the good days. It's a quick, "Thank you for this day, let me do your work. Amen," in the morning and then I'm off with my day. That isn't nearly enough even on a great day. Just like we get lonely or we miss our friends when we don't talk to them in a while, God misses us too. He misses hearing from us. He doesn't just want a "Hi, Bye,". He wants a conversation. He wants to say some things too.

Don't take your daily prayer time for granted. Daily prayer time is probably the favorite part of my day. It's time for me to just...let it all go. To say what ever I need to say. Whether it be joy, anger, sadness, or frustration. I can get it out. But I also get to listen. I can sit in silence, waiting for an answer. And silence is so, so precious. Because this world is noisy and chaotic. Sometimes, a little silence is all you really need.

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