The Practical Traveler's Guide To The Most Instagrammable Vacation
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The Practical Traveler's Guide To The Most Instagrammable Vacation

Get creative with your photos, and make some amazing memories.

The Practical Traveler's Guide To The Most Instagrammable Vacation

Instagram is a place where picture quality and captions matter. Whenever I post on Instagram, my location is more important than my face. If the background isn’t colorful, vibrant, and interesting, then it won’t stand out.

So how do you achieve social media greatness? Well, the locations listed below are sure to get those likes up.

But first, a little advice before you go: bring cash.

It may sound obvious, but cash is something you never know you need… until you do. Whether it’s a middle-of-nowhere, cash-only gas station, admission to an obscure landmark, or a souvenir from a street vendor along the way, it’s always good to be prepared.

Luckily, there are things like the Western Union® app that make cash access a breeze. Users can literally send money from their phone, and it can be picked up at over 500,000 locations across the world. This way, even if you don’t know what you’re getting into, you’ll be ready.

So with the WU app downloaded and camera in hand, I present to you the following most Instagrammable places (and a few cash-only tips that will put your pics over the top!):

1. Times Square - New York

New York, in general, is a hot spot for some of the best Instagram photos there are, but why is Times Square so popular? Because aside from the views, there’s a million things happening at once.

Pro tip: bring some cash to help recruit one of the street performers dressed as a superhero or cartoon character for your pic. Sure, their costumes aren’t necessarily “movie quality,” but good or bad, the photos will be worth the time.

2. The Grand Canyon - Arizona

The Grand Canyon is the birthplace of the OG vacay pic. Since the invention of cameras, people have been out there snapping pics and then carrying the hard copies around to show them off to everyone they know. The original version of social media.

Pro tip: remember the Grand Canyon is not only an unreal backdrop, it’s also a total road trip destination. For most travelers, getting there means traversing miles and miles of desert landscape across the American West. It’s remote and can even be dangerous if you run into problems.

So, unless you want to pawn your new watch to pay for that tow truck or gas at the country’s oldest gas station, bring cash. You can also have a friend or family member use the Western Union app to send you the cash you need. Either works.

3. Pike Place Market - Seattle

Pike Place Market is a vibrant outdoor farmers market in the heart of downtown Seattle. For the Instagrammer, it’s a wonderful sight to see. You can grab pictures by the water, from the street with all the shops and stands, fruit carts, tables laid with handmade goods, from the sea of market patrons and eccentric shop owners. The possibilities are endless.

Pro tip: it’s a market, and not everyone will take your plastic. Besides, what better way to immerse yourself in the hipster culture of Seattle than by going old school and paying for everything in cash?

4. Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

Old Faithful’s picture-perfect geyser will generate a lot of buzz on your Instagram –– especially if you time it correctly. A trip to Yellowstone is also a good road trip hotspot with camping and just about everything else to keep you and your followers entertained.

Pro tip: Just like the Grand Canyon (and other remote locales), remember to bring enough cash and other funds just to make sure you get there and back home in one piece.

5. Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre - Colorado

Everyone has that friend who went to a concert at Red Rocks and posted about it endlessly on social media. For good reason, too. This is the perfect venue for your next Instagram post. Combine these epic rock formations with an action shot of your favorite band rocking out onstage, and you’re on your way to becoming a true social media star.

6. Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk - Delaware

Who doesn’t like a good boardwalk photo or beach photo? No one, that’s who. A beach destination can produce the best photos of your life if done correctly.

Pro tip: Just because the purpose of your trip is photography, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Invest in some sunscreen, a cute bathing suit to get a good tan, and have cash in hand to buy yourself a souvenir or some aloe vera when the sunscreen decided it wasn’t going to help you out.

7. Glacier National Park - Montana

Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful destinations the US has to offer, and also one of the most remote. It’s in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and is no easy task to get to, but its sheer beauty makes it more than worth the trip.

Your photos from Glacier can make your profiles across social media stand out like no other. Maybe you’ll attract that outdoorsy guy or fool your friends into thinking you are active and adventurous for a hot second.

So what have we learned? Not only are there tons of amazing places to shoot your next Instagram masterpiece, it always helps to be prepared. You can strategically plan every part of your trip, but you can never be too prepared for the spontaneous. Cash is something that can help solve most issues when you’re out exploring a new spot, and luckily you can have someone send you cash with the Western Union app to places across the globe for you to pick up.

So get out there and have fun with it. Get creative with your photos, and make some amazing memories. Just don’t forget that technology and services are here to help you along the way.

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