5 Powerful Perks Of Being Alone
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5 Powerful Perks Of Being Alone

Three's a crowd, two's company, but one's a riot.

5 Powerful Perks Of Being Alone

There is this social stigma about being alone. The image of someone walking through life independent can be an intimidating sight. Some people might see this as selfish or sad since these are feelings we try to avoid or crucify. Being alone is both a choice and not a choice. Your body is your body, it is inevitable that your physical self is always alone.

This perception is unique only to your experience. This is an irony everyone shares but does not completely know of the other. I cannot speak to your being alone and neither can you mine. The through line here is that there are more advantages than there are disadvantages.

1. Convenience.


Who says it is not easy being alone? When you are on your own, there is no one to answer to. No one you know will judge you for the things you do or the way you do them. You work best in solitude and the less distractions and hiccups, the better. The satisfaction of doing things yourself, by yourself, is a feeling that stays with you and chase. All the disagreements, all the appeasements start to subside for you too. It is a slow ride, but it is also a smooth ride.

2. Confidence.


Doing things for yourself becomes less daunting each time you do them. You do not have to ask permission first anymore either. You do what you what you like on your own time. The people you encounter become gateways instead of road blocks. As an introvert, I became more social when I decided how I spent my day. I looked people in the eye and went after what I wanted. When you think you can, you know you can.

3. Creativity.


The silent moments we have to ourselves are priceless. The jolt of inspiration we hold onto before the next one strikes is a gift. Combine the creative process with a place to create and you get a series of creations. Making a positive feedback loop is necessary for your own sanity and productivity. Everyone needs a physical representation of the work they are doing. They want to see how far they have come and how far they are going. We all need to look into the mirror of our craft.

4. Connection.


Without other influences clogging your judgments, you can be yourself. You can make time to reflect and move forward where you want and ought to. In being alone, you make connections you never thought you could. You find more meaning when you take it upon yourself to find it. The connections you make are no accidents. They are yours to discover. The world starts to make sense when you stop long enough to witness and celebrate it.

5. Consistency.


Meeting your target is not a one-time goal. You cannot replicate the exact same outcome, but you can achieve a goal over and over again with practice. Showing up his half the battle and showing your work takes time. When you are performing for yourself, consistency becomes tangible. Impress yourself and the work will become play.

Alone is a great place to be.

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