In the middle of a very productive morning, I received an email from Pottermore telling me the Patronus Quiz was now live in the platform. As you can probably imagine, it took me .3 seconds to drop off every single one of my responsibilities to focus on the one thing I will always love most: Harry Potter.

As predicted, not everyone was satisfied with the results. The thing about Pottermore, I've come to realize, is that it's too final. Once you've taken the Pottermore Housing Test, the wondering is over, the headcanons die. There's something upsetting about letting J.K Rowling have the last say on who you are and how you should identify yourself, especially when the answer to those questions is "mole" or "salmon." But then again, there were many others that jumped with joy once they discovered they had an extremely rare patronus such as a dragon or a unicorn.

It has only been four days since this new test appeared on Pottermore, but people either hate it or love it. No in between. Here are some of the arguments for and against the controversial Patronust Test.

I hate it!

According to Reddit, there are 98 regular results in the patronus test. And some of them are not the most majestic creatures in the world, which is upsetting to a lot of people.

There is also no chance to retake the test, and once you've received the decision, there is no changing it, that's your patronus forever. This is inaccurate, given that J.K Rowling herself has admitted that patronus can change throughout someone's life (Tonks, anyone?). It is also disheartening if you were not ready to take the quiz, even though it warns you that the questions are timed, it's impossible not to be distracted by the animations, and you might end up picking the wrong answers.

Another protest that many Potterheads have is the fact that there is no more information given once you get your patronus form. You get your animal, and you move on. You don't get to read about why that animal was chosen as your patronus, or what that means about your personality. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

I love it!

I, however, have always had a good relationship with Pottermore and its tests. The Hogwarts housing test gave me a truthful placement, and the Ilvermorny test aligned perfectly with my personality. So I had high hopes when I started the patronus test. Granted, I was disappointed as soon as I realized I did not get to read more about my animal and why I was paired up with that particular patronus. But it allowed me to do some reading and researching of my own, and after a little bit of soul searching I decided I am perfectly content with having a Scops Owl as a patronus.

Not only am I thrilled about having a rare patronus, but owls are way cooler than I originally thought. Scops owls are experts in camouflage, and are very protective of their loved ones. They are way too brave for their size and they sing in a different frequency to other kind of owls.

I strongly encourage everyone to do some more research on their patronus before they dismiss it completely, because there's definitely something to love about every single animal.