So one day, when going down the stairs, I was so clumsy and was paying no attention to each step I took. Apparently, I slipped on a step or missed one and fell down on the other bunch of stairs that gave me a bruise that looks like a sweet potato.

It really hurts. Many people should be more cautious when either going up or down the stairs. Due to this fall, I couldn't bear sitting down because the pain had hurt me so much. Then, when driving or eating my meals, the pain also had stung me. On that day, I could not have a good sitting position. I wasn't comfortable sleeping on my bed because of the pain. So for the one whole week, I have to use a soft pillow or something soft to sit on whatever seat I have. It was so uncomfortable. Just thinking about the pain and the memory of myself falling, I totally regretted of not being careful and I should have paid more attention.

Not only not being able to do the things I want, but I also couldn't help anyone. I felt so useless and felt so bad for my family when they were doing all the work while I sat and waited for them. My twin sister and my mother has to drive me to places and helped prepare the food and clean up for me. It was a terrible feeling of seeing everyone such as my family, worked so hard for me to get healed.

One good thing is that the stairs that I fell on were the texture of a carpet. If

it was wooden, the pain would have been worse.

It takes a while to heal. So the most important thing to learn, especially for me, is to be careful when going on or coming down the stairs or else you will carry this burdensome, sweet potato-like bruise.