8 Positive News Articles To Lift Your Spirits
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8 Positive News Articles To Lift Your Spirits

Just all the good things happening in America at the moment.

8 Positive News Articles To Lift Your Spirits

With all the negativity in the world, it can be hard to stay positive. You turn on the news and every story is about another tragedy that makes you question the sanity of people we share this earth with.

Instead of focusing on the negative, let's focus on the positive. Here are a handful of news articles that make my week better:

1. Park Installs Device For the Colorblind So They Can Enjoy Dazzling Fall Colors.

The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development created stations across a handful of their parks for color blind people to be able to see the beautiful autumn leaves.

2. Matthew McConaughey Surprises Strangers By Handing Out 4,500 Turkeys On His 48th Birthday.

McConaughey spent his 48th birthday handing out turkeys to residents of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The kind act was part of a charity initiative with Wild Turkey Distillery, called Wild Turkey Gives Back.

3. Toddler Who Saluted Fallen Officer For 2 Straight Hours is Surprised With Pint-Size Squad Car.

A 3-year-old named Cohen Chastain stood to salute a fallen police officer during her funeral. The police force was so touched that they all pitched in to get him his own mini squad car.

4. GE Converts Frightening MRI And CT Scanners Into Interactive Adventures At Children's Hospitals.

Being a kid at a hospital can be scary. MRI and CT scanners are large and intimidating and scanning can take a long time. To make this more exciting, industrial designers have turned scanners at 27 hospitals into min theme parks.

5. The Largest Reforestation Project In History Will See 73 Million Trees Planted In The Brazilian Amazon.

This is the largest reforestation project and spans across 74,000 acres. They plan to have 73 million trees planted by 2023.

6. Chili Just Became the First-Ever Dog Certified to Save Our Crops From Pests.

One of the largest bell pepper producers in North America almost went out of business last year due to an insect infecting their crops. This bug is undetectable by humans, but for a pup named Chili- it's her job.

7. .

Tom Hanks helped a man propose to his girlfriend during a Q&A session on his new book. Her reaction is priceless.

8. .

Ilene Gembala, who lives at a nursing home, asked her caregivers to help her make a snow angel. Ilene loved it.

There are many more positive articles on the web about people doing amazing things, being kind, and loving people.

Check out this website and this website for more articles like these every day!

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