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6 Reasons To Appreciate Having Had A Pop-Punk Phase

You never completely grow out of the "phase."

6 Reasons To Appreciate Having Had A Pop-Punk Phase

Pop-punk is a sub-genre of punk that is a combination of fast-beats, loud guitars, and pop melodies. Many mainstream bands of this genre are Green Day, Blink-182, The All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World and Paramore. Many of these bands hit their fame around the 2000s, around the time many of were in middle school. Songs like 'Sugar, We're Goin' Down,' 'Misery Business,' 'Check Yes Juliet' and 'The Middle' shined light on this genre and started the phase.

But this phase isn't something that you ever really grow out of. From the clothing style to the head-banging. Here are a few reasons why, if you went through a groupie/pop-punk/band-lover phase, you should appreciate it.

1. You can always depend on this genre to have a song about your anger or angst.


The pop-punk genre always has a song you can recognize with if you're going through some angst or phase of anger. Of that I would bet my life's savings. "Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great," AM I RIGHT?!

2. Band culture is the best culture.


The original Paramore breaking up was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments in pop-punk history. The pop-punk phase in primarily composed of bands and as you delve into the culture, you fall into the love with each member of each band. You recognize voices and bits and pieces of each band member, something that doesn't always hold true with non-punk-pop bands (does anyone really know all members of Maroon 5 that are not Adam Levine?)

3. You can head-bang, air-drum, or air-guitar to just about any punk pop songs


My compilation of pop-punk songs is actually named 'headbangers' because that's exactly what these songs are. I have never been able to listen to anything in this genre and not sit still. These songs really get your fingers drumming as you are typing, or bouncing your leg as you're sitting, or even shaking your head to the beat as you're in a coffee shop (like I am at the moment) even if you hear a song 10 years later.

4. The lyrics, the chorus, the album cover, the everything is impeccable.


Fall Out Boy in particular comes to mind with lyrics. FOB has some of the most creative lyrics full of puns, shade, passive aggression, and some major vibes. Each characteristic of a band's album is a ride within itself, making them extremely memorable. I think if I was asked to recognize a band based on their album cover, I would score at least 3/4, and that's lowballing.

5. The style leaves an imprint on you.


Even before converse made a comeback as "cool" and "trendy" 99.99% of the people I know who went through a pop-punk phase owned converse. The same goes with combat boots. We punk-pop lovers were rocking all black even when people called us emo, we were in love with chokers even when everyone said we looked like vampires, we were into wacky/trendy things like tapestry, prints, stickers, dark eyeliner before it was popular. I'm glad society has transitioned back into making these things now being "acceptable" without having to hear if we "are okay".

6. They are emotionally-charged and they've left you that way as well.


I honestly blame my high level of emotions and dramatics on my music taste. These pop-punk lyrics reach out to the petty, to the 'sick-of-you' attitudes, to the 'I hate the world,' the the 'my life sucks so much right now' parts of our attitudes and its honestly amazing one song can explain how you're feeling so intensely. So thank you Simple Plan for my angst middle school pre-teen support system with 'Welcome to my Life.' I'll never forget you.

There's a lot of regrets I have from my pre-teen years, but discovering pop-punk bands is the last thing on that list. If you want to relive these years, or maybe give the music a second chance check out my favorite 'headbangers."

And in the words of Fall Out Boy, "[they're] the therapists pumping through your speakers, delivering just what you need."

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