Why Bernie Sanders Matter

Despite What You Think Of Bernie Sanders He Did Some Good For Us

Even if you never 'felt the Bern' you probably talked about him.

Sara Azmoudeh

Everyone has their own opinions about Bernie Sanders. Some people think of him as a man who is always talking about far-fetched concepts such as, free medical care for all - or making higher education free. While others think of his progressive ways as a moral necessity for this day and age.

Otherwise, put for some, he is a radical looking to make America a socialist nation and for others, he is looking out for the best interest of many.

Putting aside my own considerations, and everyone else's' as well: his candidacy for president in 2014 engaged more young people to participate and speak up about politics, than ever before.

I was one of those young people, 18 to be exact, who showed up everywhere he went just to listen. At the time, I did not know if I agreed with his tax plans; I had never experienced how taxes affect a person's livelihood. Yet, he spoke about problems I too had noticed.

Even after the election was over, I was still engaged.

I started talking about political issues with family, friends, and even random people on the street; I started paying attention to the political views of the people around me; and, most important, I started having a strong urge to learn about how the political climate in America has been composed.

Bernie Sanders made me start caring about the way the political condition of a nation may affect the individuals living within it. And I know he did this very same thing for many other millennial.

This is extremely important; not enough people engage in the political condition of our country.

We live in a democratic nation that will not work to effectively serve the people if the people are not involved in it. That means if you have a problem with the way things are, and a care about changing them, you should consider public office.

Think about Rashida Tlaib or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These two women have recently been elected to Congress. Rashida Talib is a Palestinian woman (the first to ever join congress) who genuinely cares about representing the people of Detroit. Whereas, Alexandria Cortez is only 28 years old starting her career as a progressive.

The laws, and political condition of the country you live in controls the life you live. For example, the laws of a nation can control a woman's right to having an abortion or other contraceptives. A political regime may control the substances you have access to, your water supply, the quality of your food, and etc.

A political regime may control the clothes you can and cannot wear, how you may act, and where you may go.

We are lucky here in America; despite what you may think, we are privileged to live in a nation that at least theoretically does not conspire against its people. Not to mention, if you are a citizen of this country, you have the right to travel almost the entire globe.

Things are good - but that is not to say that good things, can't be a lot better.

If you care about change: congressional members, city councils, voters, EVERYTHING matters. Get involved in more than just the presidential election - it is only one piece of the puzzle.

Maybe even consider running for office yourself; but if nothing else, take the time to read into who is.
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