Here are some fail-safe costumes for this Halloween season that will keep you away from all the side eye.

1. A Witch.


Sticking to this classic look of a black dress, a pointy hat, and a broomstick will avoid you being cursed with a lifetime of ridicule.

2. A Cat.


Cats are a Halloween staple. Much like the witches costume you can throw on a black dress, or what ever colored outfit you want. Throw on a pair of cat ears, cat tail, paint some whiskers on your cheeks and boom! You're a cute little critter.

3. A Skeleton.


No, not a sugar skull, a skeleton. We don't need anyone's ancestors turning in their graves because you wanted to put flowers in your hair.

4. A Ghost.


Probably the easiest one you can do is a ghost. All you really need a sheet to throw over yourself, maybe cut out some eye holes, just so you're not tripping over any broom sticks.

5. Sim's Character.

You literally just tape a green diamond cut out to your head. This one is really hard to mess up.

6. A Scarecrow.


All you have to do is wear overalls with a straw hat and draw some stitches around your mouth. You can even carry around a crow on your shoulder to make it even more realistic.

7. Arthur.


Join in on what probably most of your friends will be sporting this Halloween, a meme. Specifically, Arthur the aardvark!
For this one, all you need are some light colored jeans, a yellow sweater, and some fuzzy round ears. Oh, and a clenched fist.

8. A Zombie.

One of the more gory costumes you can sport this year. Tear up an old T-shirt, throw some dirt on it, smear FAKE blood all over you and your clothes. Maybe even walk around with a fake hand or foot to make it look like you're still eating your last victim.

9. A Carebear.

A nice little break from all of the scray costumes out there is a care bear! I mean come on, who doesn't want to hang around in a cute cozy onesie on a chilly October night?

10. A Storm Trooper.


I mean it's Star Wars, the only person you're offending here are the "trekkies".

11. An Astronuat.


If star wars isn't your thing, but space exploration is, just ditch the mask for a helmet (or fish bowl if you can't find one).

12. A Wizard.


Take the sorting hat quiz on Pottermore and then dress in your house colors. #GRYFFINDOR

13. Rag Doll.


I personally wouldn't recommend trying out the whole Annabelle thing, but take the creepy possession bit out and you're basically a cute doll. Or you, know, be creepy...tis the season to be spooky.

14. Ghost Face.


The Iconic Halloween costume that the industry makes millions of dollars off of each year. Solid choice. Maybe just ditch the knife? Don't want people thinking you're a murderer or anything...

15. Pokemon.

Pokemon is probably the most iconic kids show, so why not dress up like one of the characters or a Pokemon?

16. A Ghost Buster.


When you need a costume, and you're out of ideas, who ya gonna call?

17. A Clown.


This will never not be scary.

18. A Mermaid/Merman.


No one said the little mermaid.

19. A Unicorn.


Unicorns are magical and who ever is offended by unicorns has obviously never dressed up like one.

20. A Dinosaur.


More specifically the inflatable dinosaurs. You should also walk around with the Jurassic theme song playing. JS.

21. A Vampire.


Thankfully you're only pretending to be a vampire, because garlic bread is too good to pass up at parties.

22. Mario.


23. Luigi.

I mean, if you're doing a Mario costume, you need a Luigi.

24. Fruit of the Loom.

Red grapes, green grapes or an apple. Its fruit guys.

25. A Pumpkin/Jack-o-Lantern.


I mean, it's iconic.

27. Identity Thief.

No, you don't really get to be a criminal, but you do get to be mysterious. Who are you? Nobody knows.

28. A Fairy.


Because when has a fairy ever offended anyone?

30. A Fallout Character. 

Following American Horror Story? Or you just like the game Fallout, this is a great costume you can throw together!

31. A Zenon Character/ Futuristic.


Zetus Lapedus! You'll have the best costume at the party!

Hopefully, you're able to find something in one of these 31 Halloween costumes that are able to help keep you looking spooky this season without actually scaring everyone. Happy Halloween!