Ryan Reynolds found my unconditional love when I first saw Deadpool. Ever since he reached the top list of my MCE -- no kidding here. I had admired the sass and queerness he brought into the screen on that tight, red suit. Sometimes, I couldn't tell what I liked more: his acting or his perfectly shaped butt.



The line was drawn a couple days ago when I learned that he was going to be voicing Pikachu in the upcoming Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, which comes out next summer. Yes, that furry almost-realistically-seeming creature is Pikachu, voiced by our beloved savior Ryan Reynolds.

The movie follows the story of twenty-one year old, Tim Goodman (Justice Smith). His father, a private investigator goes missing and, in a world were pokemon hunting is totally normal, he and Pikachu join forces to go save him. For some reason, only Tim can understand what Pikachu really says in a deep, comical voice. Yes, this Pikachu cracks jokes now and then in the movie. How do I know?

Here's the trailer.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that this is an original and marvelous idea but is America really doing another Death Note live action? For those who have seen it, we know the mess and insult that movie was.

I fear this upcoming pokemon movie is another insult to many of our childhoods. Many grew watching this show. Many enjoyed the thrilling adventures of Ash Ketchup and his team. If people were mouth-gaping after Pikachu had spoken for the first time in a movie released not that long ago -- and somewhat infuriated -- the result of this movie might just be equal.

Clearly, in this video, you can see how shocked the audience was at this revelation of Pikachu suddenly being able to formulate actual words, instead of his constant pika-pika.

Will this be another attempt from the American movie business to appropriate culture and give it a new meaning. They had done it before, with Death Note and Ghost in the Shell, and, honestly, what the actual fuck.