Our inner 90's childhood took a big throwback when Pokemon Go was the number one game app around the world. As of right now, you've probably heard of many stories or seen funny memes about Pokemon Go. The app is a fantasy/ reality game where the app physically makes you move around your neighborhood or your current location to be able to find Pokemon on the go . News has spread like wildfire on how the app is very addicting and has been affecting many social lives. For instance, people across the U.S have created Pokemon Go parties to catch Pokemon together in public areas. However; it has lead many into strange events, such as being assaulted, finding dead bodies and ending up in the hospital. Despite many of the players' odd encounters with the game, it has built a community for others, sharing a common ground for the app. Pokemon Go has turned into a big global phenomenon; however, is it going to stick around for a while or is it just a phase?

I didn't know how big the obsession of the game was until I started playing it the first few days after its release. I was automatically hooked on the first 30 minutes of playing the game trying to catch Pikachu, since I've always been a Pokemon fan. Having the opportunity to relive my childhood and play as a Pokemon catcher is every 90's kid dream come true. The obsession is real and its has created a fun virtual reality for fans across the globe. While the app itself is entertaining and appreciated, it has many cons that needs improvement. One of the biggest flaws of the app is that servers are always down, resulting in players unable to access the game. This has become a common problem for the game app since its release.

Beyond the app servers always crashing, fans still oversee its flaw and play the game literally on the go, in a sense that has caused trips to the hospital and odd occurrences fans have discovered. There has been incidents where fans reported discovering bodies while playing the app. Nevertheless, many get so into the game that it has caused players to fall off cliffs, trespass private property or get players distracted while driving, the list goes on. Extreme precautions have already settled on freeways across the U.S. alerting drivers not to play the app while driving.

Since its release, Pokemon Go has become a global hit. Many like myself are still wondering if this game is just a phase or if it will may remain viral for a while. Many say it will stay a while if the Pokemon Go servers don't crash too often and if the Pokemon gym improves, other say it's just a phase everyone is getting nostalgia from. I grew out of it and I'm no longer interested in playing it, others are still into the game however, trying to evolve or catch unique Pokemon. I have to admit Pokemon Go has become a big game changer for 2016 and has reached new potential for other game apps in the future.