One of my earlier pieces was a poem for my father. I only thought it was needed to write one for my other wonderful parent. Mom, despite how rocky our relationship was, I am so thankful that the two of us have grown. I love you lots.

To my mother,

You were not always number one.

Quite frankly, you were almost dead last.

I dreaded going to your house,

digging my heels into the floor,

as I so desperately tried to stay another week

with my father.

Okay, so things were not the best.

We would fight all the time.

Pick our each other’s flaws.

And above all not have the relationship

that we both wanted.

But despite all of the

yelling, rolling eyes, and storming out...

I have learned to regret it all.

It was not that I didn’t like you, no,

I loved you with all much heart.

I just did not understand the reasoning for a lot

of the things you did.

When you critized the way I dressed, truthfully

I had no idea why going to school in jeans and

a sweatshirt too big was a bad idea.

But the names I would get called at school

for all things like my weight and weirdness,

you were only trying to save me from

another day of teasing,

that and you did not want be looking like a bum.

While some of the things you did were not perfect,

I will not say that you did not try.

Because you did.

You tried your best to make sure my brother and I

had a ride to school, clothes on our back, and a

place for us to stay.

Looking back at our relationship, I wish it were

better growing up.

But we have the future to look forward to.

Full of smiles and laughs rather than

screaming, fighting, and all else.

We may not have a lot in common.

But the things we do are important.

Like our love for animals, our dogs to

be exact.

Or the love for holidays, like Halloween.

While I have been away at college,

things have only seemed to grow

stronger between us.

Never would I have imagined texting

you weekly about school or life.

But here you are, a favorite in my

contacts list at the top.

Mom, I love you with all my heart.

Our past was anything but the best,

but we are trying and that matters.

You are no longer dead last

and will never be that far down the list.

So I am forever sorry for my bad

attitude towards you.

A working woman.

Loving mother.

Dog owner.

Bluegrass jammer.

And now,

my friend.

I love you, Mom.

Forever and always.

From, you daughter.