Poetry on the Odyssey: Underwater
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Poetry on the Odyssey: Underwater

I almost feel that I'm over-prepared knowing that I don't know what is down there.

Poetry on the Odyssey: Underwater
Alexandra Rose

I turn to my right,

and there is nothing but endless water,

the water lines up with the horizon perfectly,

that I don't know where the water ends

I turn to my left,

and I see the same thing

Don't worry, we'll be here,

my friends say as they sit across me on the boat,

They lower me down to the water.

With the swimsuit, and mask,

I almost feel that I'm over-prepared,

knowing that I don't know what is down there.

Do you want to go over the plan again?

One of my friends asks.

Just swim straight down,

look for the sunken ship,

and swim right back up.

I say, for the fifth time since we left shore

I take a deep breath,

and dive down.

Flipping the switch on my flashlight,

a little fish pokes its face into the light,

and then swims away.

I navigate through the water,

passing through the seaweed

as it brushes my face,

I hit the ship with my knees.

Are you there?

I hear through the earpiece,


I murmur, as I rub my knees,

and paddle my way into the ship.

The deeper I float into the ship,

the darker it gets,

I crack open the first box that I see sitting on the ship.


I move further down to the next room,

pushing it open,

opening up to captain's quarters.

I swim towards the sides to find a rusty

old moldy box

I try to wedge it open,

but no luck.

I keep trying to get the box to open.

Next thing I know I'm falling straight down to the front of the ship,

passed the box, and passed the desk where the shelves all slide open.

The ship creaks as it starts to tilt upwards,

and that is the last thing I saw,

or at least remember.

The water hits my face,

I flow in and out of consciousness,

but my friend appears in the corner of my eye,

Come on, wake up,

she repeats.

As soon as I regained consciousness

I ask,

What happened?

My friend answers me,

Whatever happened was not part of the plan.

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