Since Martin Luther King Day is coming up, I thought I'd write a little poem about racial acceptance to honor him. After all, he is the reason we have school off on Monday. Well, that and the end of segregation, of course.

Bleached white turns to bruised red

A dream in my head

A dream that all colors will finally be expressed

Colors overflow, drowning blank faces

Drenching them with vivid traces

Of freedom for all races

The color thieves know only white and plain

The dying colors of crimson's red stain

But their biggest weakness that can be explained

Is their terror and fear of things that can change

These bandits will never stop those who are great

The ones that can push out the judgment and hate

The ones that refuse to sit and wait

To be handed equality on a silver plate

And when colors are deemed equal

For all sorts of people

We write a new chapter; a new kind of sequel

So no matter how different we all look and seem

We're still the same people from dark brown to light cream

We can dance and work together as a team

To fuel the idea of a technicolor dream