Poetry To Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Poetry: Technicolor Dream

Colors overflow, drowning blank faces, drenching them with vivid traces of freedom for all races.


Since Martin Luther King Day is coming up, I thought I'd write a little poem about racial acceptance to honor him. After all, he is the reason we have school off on Monday. Well, that and the end of segregation, of course.

Bleached white turns to bruised red

A dream in my head

A dream that all colors will finally be expressed

Colors overflow, drowning blank faces

Drenching them with vivid traces

Of freedom for all races

The color thieves know only white and plain

The dying colors of crimson's red stain

But their biggest weakness that can be explained

Is their terror and fear of things that can change

These bandits will never stop those who are great

The ones that can push out the judgment and hate

The ones that refuse to sit and wait

To be handed equality on a silver plate

And when colors are deemed equal

For all sorts of people

We write a new chapter; a new kind of sequel

So no matter how different we all look and seem

We're still the same people from dark brown to light cream

We can dance and work together as a team

To fuel the idea of a technicolor dream

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To The Professors Who Don't Put In Our Grades Until It's Too Late

Since you're not updating your grade book anyway, mine as well just forget about that D I got on last weeks exam


Dear College Professors,

As finals are right around the corner, we are all wondering what we need to make in order to ace your class... or not fail your class. But how are we supposed to take the time to calculate this, when all we have is a single letter midterm grade? You may not realize but grades are the central focus of the school, and better yet, college. We strive to get an A and we study endless hours so we can achieve that goal. And for you to not be able to do us the simple favor of putting in that grade, is absurd.

Let's just say, Billy, with the purple hair who sits in the back corner, slacked the entire year and is assuming he has no better than a C in the class. We have a month left of school and he wanted to try to bring up his grade in creative writing, maybe not to an A, but he has come to the realization that he cannot fail the course because his parents cannot afford for him to retake the class. He recently was in the library writing his paper, and even missed the new episode of Game of Thrones episode, to make sure that his paper was golden.

Now it's been two weeks since he handed in that paper. Still no grade. The countdown is on, 10 days left of class and barely enough assignments to pull that grade up. He has 9 work shifts, 5 finals, 2 study guides, and 1 teacher that inputs all his grades. Poor Billy. With not a clue of what any of his grades are, and barely any time to go personally ask every professor for his grades, he's just going to strive to do the best he can on all of his finals.

Two weeks later...

Turns out Billy had a C+ in creative writing, but a D in logic, the class he assumed he was doing well in because he has only had a few assignments.

So points is, professors if you are not updating our grades regularly or at least a few times before and after midterms, we won't know what we are working with. Also being able to look at our grades directly, motivates us to want to fix a lacking grade or ultimately get the best grade possible. We become more determined when we see the number directly rather than when we're just guessing at it.

In high school, all my teachers always put our grades into the computer immediately, but now when school is more challenging and assignments are time-consuming and lengthy, THIS is when we're unable to see how we are doing. How is that fair?

So moral of the story, while we are studying for 5 exams, writing 2 papers and working a part-time job. Take a little stress off our backs and at least give us an estimate of where we are standing.

Thank you,

A frustrated student trying to raise her GPA

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21 Dresses That Rocked the Oscar's Red Carpet And Vanity Fair Party

The Oscars had some amazing clothing and the celebrities truly rocked the red carpet.


The Oscars had some amazing clothing and the celebrities truly rocked the red carpet. My favorite dresses were designed by Labourjoisie and Zuhair Murad. They were worn by famously known Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell, and Victoria Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio. These were the best outfits at the Oscars in no particular order.

1. Ashley Graham


2. Amandla Stenberg


3. Regina King


4. Tina Fey



5. Jennifer Lopez


6. Brie Larson


7. Kasey Musgraces


8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


9. Kiki Layne


10. Michelle Yeoh


11. Laura Harrier


12. Rachel Weiz


13. Emilia Clarke



14. Lucy Boynton


15. Constance Wu


16. Angela Bassett


17. Jennifer Hudson



18. Shay Mitchell


19. Vanessa Hudgens


20. Alessandra Ambrosio


20. Ciara Harris


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