Poetry On Odyssey: When It Stopped

Poetry On Odyssey: When It Stopped

I guess you never really knew when it stopped until it was actually… over.

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I guess you never really knew when it stopped until it was actually… over.

That time we said I love you and you looked into my soul like you only had the eyes for me.

The time you held me so tight it was like it was meant to be.

But why don’t you look at me that way anymore?

Why doesn’t it feel the same like it did before?

Why are we just going through the motions and not making it...


I guess that’s when you made it clear.

First it stopped at the night messages that I so happily woke up to in the morning.

It stopped when you no longer called me beautiful, but instead hot.

It stopped when I no longer asked you how your day was because mine was really great,

thanks for not asking.

It stopped when I burst into tears in your arms and you let out a groan.

It stopped when you no longer looked me in the eye, but instead your phone.

I accomplished a goal!

But you didn’t even care.

I’m not good enough you say, only settling with what I have.

It stopped when you had to force yourself to say I love you because I gave up on saying it too.

It stopped when I flat out gave up, which was the last thing I wanted to do.

It stopped when I woke up to a message explaining: I love you and I’m trying but sometimes,

I forget about you.

Those are the words a girl never wants to hear.


I’m forgettable.

That’s all I am to you.

So while you’re still on my mind, I won’t be on yours.

I’ll just be a memory that you… forgot.

And that’s when the stopped turned into over.

I just want to make you happy, but what’s the point if you don’t need me to?

Maybe you’re right, I was only settling.

Settling for you and now my feelings don’t know what to do.

The butterflies stopped, reality kicked in,

I remember when I thought we were forever.

And suddenly it just stopped.

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