Vision: Poetry On Odyssey

Vision: Poetry On Odyssey

Clarity, vision, future.

With clear direction, you told Habakkuk to write the vision and make it plain.
In your perfect word; you said although what is to come may tarry, one day it will come.

Just as he believed you then, I believe you now.

My faith is pure and leaves no room for doubt.

Over and over, a way continues to be made for me.

Every need has a provision; for you will never forsake me.

To be obedient to your will is simply not enough.

I seek you, that is, a relationship with you.

Understanding and truth, in prefect harmony with you.

I realize my ways are not your ways and your thoughts are not my thoughts.

But I must do better. I must achieve a pure heart.

Only the pure of heart will see you.

That is my goal. Just think: to dwell in the same environment as you.

The faith as if Abraham.

The wisdom as if Solomon.

The heart as if David.

The honesty and devotion as if Daniel.

Your WILL is my desire for my life.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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7 Christian Bloggers That Are 10/10 Must Follows For Millennial Women

The best content for inspiration, advice, and love like Jesus.

There's not a lot I love more than discovering new blogs to keep up with that fuel both me and my love for Jesus at the same time. Therefore, I decided to share some of my go-to blog suggestions that I hope you'll visit for daily doses of relatable and encouraging content. Here are some of my favorite Christian blogger recommendations that you must check out.

Jordan Lee Dooley: Soul Scripts.

Jordan Lee Dooley; what a gal. Better known as her Instagram handle, @soulscripts, she is my all-time favorite and someone I have been following for years now. Not only is her website aesthetically pleasing and vibrant, but invites an atmosphere to welcome your brokenness. Soul Scripts has writings for just about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you could be struggling with, wanting to celebrate, or some good-to-knows. My favorite thing about Soul Scripts is how open and relatable the information is and that she recognizes and praises how beautifully broken we all are. Jordan candidly shares her own life experiences to speak truth into the lives of all us gals. I’m telling ya’ll, Jordan just GETS IT.

Stephanie May Wilson.

A 10/10 resource for all of your dating, friendship, and lifestyle needs. Stephanie takes these topics and rewires your perspective so that you know and clearly see your identity in Christ. I love reading this blog because it honestly feels like I’m sitting down for a cappuccino with a girlfriend, just catching up and discussing life! Stephanie writes as though it’s a face to face conversation with a close friend and deeply cares about her readers.Would also recommend reading her book, The Lipstick Gospel, because it’s not many pages and will probably take you no more than 3 days to finish (she even offers a free copy to download if you hit up her site!!!!).

Grace Valentine: Enough.

You’ve probably seen me sharing posts from this Facebook page before because I update myself on it at least one a week, it’s just THAT good. Grace Valentine is a force to be reckoned with. When I think of her blog, the C.S. Lewis line “My prayer is that when I die, all of hell rejoices that I am out of the fight” immediately comes to my mind. Grace Valentine displays such vulnerability and admittance about herself to impact and relate to readers in a way that both discerns and encourages. She for real blows my mind about concepts I’ve never thought about, or even subconsciously know but never live out and allow to change my thinking. All I can say is that I am over-the-moon thankful for finding this blog on my feed one day because it saved me from some major potential pain.

Sadie Robertson: Live Original.

Sadie Robertson AKA Duck Dynasty darling speaks passionate and strong truth that really just gets me so hype to do life. Sadie uses both her blog and books to be an encourager of hearts to share the name of Jesus by offering some major soul food. Her blog combines a plethora of different writers and has some incredible content for anything from fear to self-worth. I’m telling you, this is a site where every word is saturated with truth, grace, and honesty all to declare the name of Jesus.

So Worth Loving.

Another blog I really don’t think I’d be able to get through the week without. I come here support, inspiration, and when I’m in the mood to read a truthful, raw story. SWL is actually a company created by Eryn Eddy, and the blog gives off similar vibes to the company; soft, genuine and lovely. SWL promotes self-love by encouraging to “love you, love ppl”. One of my favorite things about this blog is that it’s people-based, SWL invites humans just like you and me to share their story/testimony and gives them a platform to express vulnerability, tragedy, and to inspire others. Not all of the posts are directly related to Christianity, but from reading you’ll be able to tell that Jesus is the foundation of this site.

Gracie Parker.

Just on FIRE for Jesus. Gracie adds a bold and edgy flare to her site where you can find relatable, unique and entertaining content. Simple yet powerful, this blog possesses the heart of Jesus in all of its content, whether it be humor, confession, or raw storytelling. Gracie encourages readers to fall in love with life and the Lord.

Sarah Bessey.

Something I recently discovered and turned into an obsession of mine. I so love the perspective that Sarah Bessey has on life, women and Christianity. With creative titles and mind-altering concepts, Sarah kills the blog game and provides readers with good reads as she supplies both peace and go-getter encouragement. My favorite thing about this site is that by looking at the title of the blog post, you really have no idea what you’re about to read and how it could shockingly and perfectly apply to your life and season of your walk with Jesus.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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The Gospel And Pancakes: 14 Reasons To Visit Columbus Avenue Baptist Church

This church could save your life (literally).

There are 70 Baptist churches in Waco, Texas. That’s right... 70! At the beginning of my freshman year, I church hopped for a while but finally found my home at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church. Today, my prayer for you is that this article invites you to come and explore all that Columbus has to offer.

Here are just a few perks and reasons to come to Columbus next Sunday!

1. Free pancakes.

For college students without a weekend meal plan (me), this is a lifesaver! Homemade chocolate chip and buttermilk pancakes are offered every Sunday morning during college ministry at 9:45 a.m. Be sure to say hi to Bobby! He’s one of the kind men who wake up bright and early to prepare pancakes.

2. Bible-centered messages.

This is key. The college ministry and church service messages are always centered around God’s word. Currently, we are studying the book of Romans.

3. Justin and Josh.

Justin, our college minister, is friendly and delivers insightful and convicting messages. He will take the time to learn your name and pray with you. Fun fact: He and his wife are expecting in June! Josh, our church pastor, is the heart of Columbus. His sermons encourage all of us to further our relationship with Christ and evangelize to others.

4. Breakfast tacos and small group bible studies.

Within college ministry, we sign up for a small group bible study that meets regularly once a week. Adult couples within the church host these studies within their home and cook us delicious homemade meals, including desserts! My favorite meals that Stacy (our host home adult) makes are breakfast tacos and chicken noodle soup. Her banana pudding, monster cookies, and cinnamon rolls are delicious!

5. Lucy.

Our host home family, Stacy and Bobby, have a precious malti-poo dog that is extremely lovable. Sometimes, you’ll even catch her wearing a bow!

6. Family feel.

Columbus is home to young families, elderly people, and college students. Everyone is welcome! The contemporary service is home to roughly 200 members and the traditional service is also home to around 200 members. Once a month, both services join together for a large combined service. You will likely recognize old faces and meet new ones each Sunday!

7. Eye candy.

Columbus has been around since 1901, and today the red brick, ornate pillars, towering steeple, and delicate mosaic glass windows are part of this church’s breathtaking building.

8. Worship time.

MacKenzie Rock belongs on The Voice. She leads worship with a small band, and I love the praises we dedicate to God as a church.

9. Free candy.

Columbus hosts several community events throughout the year including Trunk or Treat and an Easter Egg Hunt. College students are always invited to participate in the fun!

11. Servicio en Español.

Each Sunday, a Spanish service is offered separately from the traditional and contemporary service. Columbus is home to a diverse community; all are welcome!

12. Retreats, retreats, retreats.

Columbus’ college ministry offers a Fall and Spring retreat that is an opportunity for students to connect with each other while camping out in tents and hammocks and eating s’mores by the fire together. Retreats allow you to further your connection with God while being cut off from the stress of school. Fun fact: I went cliff jumping for the first time during Fall Retreat!

13. Little ones.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I taught a class of second and fifth graders! They were incredibly cute, energetic, and fun to spend time with!

14. Denia, Spain.

Each Spring Break, Columbus offers an extremely affordable mission trip to their partner church in Denia, Spain. College students have the opportunity to teach and minister to younger students at Columbus’ church school.

Cover Image Credit: @avenuewaco / Instagram

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