Poetry On Odyssey: To My Grandfather

Poetry On Odyssey: To My Grandfather

Grandfathers are gifts of everlasting wisdom that never ends.

Sue Do

Gunshots outside the village,

I remember when I was nine,

You sat with me, arms spreading out wide.

As you recall the loss and the sadness of losing your fellow soldiers

All have perished but God took pity on you.

You took risks and taught literature to students,

But one student stood out to you.

She had red rosy cheeks and perfect lips,

She was always aiming for perfect mark

But she was your favorite out of all the teens.

And on July 9, 1966

After 3 years of cajoling and sweet love letters,

You got on your knees.

Your eyes shone with devotion.

Your face was full of emotion

As you asked for her hand in marriage.

And in the spring of 1967.

A baby boy was born with two front teeth as he let out his first cries.

A cry of conviction and strength.

Twenty-seven years passed and this boy grew into a man.

He married a girl of milky white skin, like the Disney princess Snow White.

He raised a daughter.

No, actually four daughters and one son.

As the years went by.

Thank you, Grandfather,

Nothing else would matter,

But your blood is what I am bound to,

Your wisdom, I cherish.

Your story, I treasure dearly

Now that your gray hairs are peeking,

Wisdom advice fill your days for those who are seeking.

But among those gifts I am most proud of, is the title of your granddaughter.

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