Poetry On Odyssey: The Lantern

Some days

I wait until the sun sets and

When it gets dark

I play your favorite songs

I sing along and light up a match

The match lights up a lantern

And then slowly that lantern

flies away

You loved it when it flew

I remember your face was glowing as you watched

The sky was so starry those summer nights

You were so happy and excited

Believing that the lantern lights up a path

To heaven

I remember so clearly

when you said that when you died

You wanted to be remembered by lanterns

You said that it would help your spirit finds its way to heaven

So that’s exactly what I did

I light up lanterns every night

So that your spirit can find peace

So, I can find peace

I light up lanterns every night because I miss you

I will always remember that you are my best friend

Even though you aren’t here right now

you became the lantern that lit up my life

and I will always cherish that

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