One, two, three

That's how many times he hit me

He took a fist to the back of my neck

It only took me a few days to become a wreck

My family and friends told me I was insane

Because I loved a boy who brought me so much pain

I defended him despite it all,

Despite the major fall

The fall down the stairs where I broke bones

I wish I would have came home

I wish I wouldn't have moved in with him

Because he violated the most precious parts of my skin

The precious part where a baby could come out

I would never raise a child, no doubt

My eyes became black and blue,

My thoughts filled with thoughts of you

The concerned, beautiful boy who wanted the broken me

He just wanted to set me free

He took a bat to my abuser's head,

He just wanted him dead

Instead he got a bullet through the brain

Nothing could dull the pain

My abuser and I are now on the run

Maybe one day I'll see the sun