Poetry On Odyssey: Thankful.

Poetry On Odyssey: Thankful

Nothing should ever be considered permanent, so it is important to be thankful for the blessings you have


Within my short time here,

I have come to find that nothing is permanent,

And in that regard,

Nothing should ever be considered permanent.

We approach others with protruding sensations of false security,

And within those falsifications,

We fall.

We fall in love,

We fall in trust,

We fall into the arms of comfort.

As we become comfortable with the world around us,

We fall deeper into our sense of self.

We learn to live,

To laugh,

To love,

Though the strangest thing of all,

Is that we do not always learn how to let go.

- - -

Letting go of things is normative,

A natural process of life.

Nothing should ever be considered permanent,

So we must prepare ourselves for when the clock strikes time -

Time to let go.

We build walls within ourselves,

Raising our guards to the highest of points,

Yet it is not until the bottom piece of land is yanked from beneath us,

And we experience the great descend into the depths of the ocean,

That we find ourselves falling out of love,

Falling out of trust,

Falling out of the arms of comfort.

Instead, we find ourselves forced to let go of the places and people

We once called home.

- - -

Nothing should ever be considered permanent.

Family is given.

Friendships are received.

Love is earned.

The takers,

The recipients,

And the givers themselves

Are continuously fleeting,

As are the lives we aimlessly wander through each day.

In this time of Thanksgiving,

We must strengthen these fleeting bonds,

These gifts we have been given,

The love we have obtained,

The parts of the souls that we sell for nothing in return.

Nothing should ever be considered permanent,

So we must appreciate all that we have.

All that we are.

All that we continue to be.

- - -

We must remain thankful.

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Cover Image Credit:

Emily Washbourn

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Art Is Anyone's To Make And Anyone's To Hold, That's Why It Means So Much To Me

I love the flexibility of it, allowing it to take any form or shape.


The passing strokes glide by each other, each holding hands with their neighboring strokes.

The wind rushes them forward into a convoluted gesture of mixed feelings onto paper and forming a figure in the distance.

A girl.

Standing by the apple tree

looking up into the bottomless abyss we call our night sky

feeling time rush by, an intangible force streaming faster than any wind, any sea tide, any stroke.

She breathes in air and slowly time seems to vanish

and it's just her

and the night sky

the stars glimmer in the distance

and hold hands

in a serpentine path

forming the collection of the universe's belongings.

She breathes out.

And as she looks up.

She wonders

how everything in this universe came to be.

For me, that's something art can communicate in just a single canvas. It expresses intangible ideas onto a tangible material, shaped and created by our very own bodies — the boldest shout of humanity into the deep void.

I've loved art since I was a little girl. Its meaning to me would change as I grew up and developed deeper and more complicated notions and interpretations of the world but that didn't mean that I gave up on how I communicated it. There was always a blank piece of paper, a pencil, a handy eraser, and my imagination splashed out in front of me, daring me to begin. Art can be silly or fun but it can also be deeply abstract or sentimental. I love the flexibility of it, allowing it to take any form or shape. I like the enigmatic character it holds as it compiles you to think deeper on the artist's intent. And most of all, I love that it can be anyone's to make and anyone's to hold.

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