I wonder if I can keep the sun

make it mine forever

radiance birthing from my heart

a pocket of youth

in bloom.

The clouds are citadel

safe haven welcomed home

i'm staying here forever

a hope strong enough

to birth babies.

Sipped the wrong drink

bathroom visits

bile in the sink.

We have cotton candy skies here

i'm talking pinks and blues

fluffy figures of sweetness

a sugar high

you make me want to get sugar high

we are young and beautiful

free spirits

ignited in laughter.

This where the sun meets with angelic clouds

where rays meet at the gulf

to go home and set the dinner table

for all the animals

a fireball of faith

are we really alone?

I think my thoughts are lost

file them in a cabinet

for keep saving

when things like this happen

so you know

you can't forget

it is all right here

in between the sun and moon.

He is blind

but the love is not

He is glossy eyes

i get lost in

ill drive everywhere

allow us to go one a journey

with a destination unknown

ill let you drive

turn left


turn right

we are going to be just fine.

We are in the garden of light

there is no forbidden fruit here

the universe wanted this

it was planted years ago

separated by oceans

all to blossom in the same garden

one day.

Angry is me



pulling patches

of curls that i was blessed with

why am i destroying my bessinsg

angry is more than an emotion

it is an action

i grew my nails out so i could carve

the pain into my skin

my scrapes glisten

like my glitter poetry pens

its not a sin

i wish i had that bottle of gin.

I used to be afraid of loosing myself

my eyes orbited another planet

but one morning i woke up

and i did not see the color red in my fists

i took the space shuttle to class

and as we turned the bend of destiny

i realized i have always been

exactly where i need to be

so i'm putting on my cape

because i'm my own damn heroine

i'm breathing for myself today

for myself everyday

living for me

the only time i will loose myself again

is in my writing

my hormones pushing out all

of the emotions for me to feel

and battle on my own

i'm finding my soul

and let me tell you

she is oh so bold.