A mirror knows the sadness that lays within and the secrets you only can accept when you are alone. The betrayal you face. Why can't we see what it sees? Maybe we would find exactly what we have always been looking for, or maybe we will find the exact opposite. We will see what we really are? The ugly monster we feed with fake compliments and greed.


Mirror Mirror mirror on the wall, why does life always seem to fall. Wide and narrow, in a world of its own. A mirror that lays upon a wall. Have you ever thought, that you've never seen your true self.

Only a reflection the mirror gifts you, dirty, cracked and even dull but never the real you. No one thinks about the life of a mirror, what it hears and sees. It's hard to believe all the stories it hears, the dead souls that appear.

Why can't we see what the mirror sees? There's beauty within the beast, something many can't see. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Like a chocolate I ooze out.

The mirror sees the tears and screams late at night. You analyzing your body pointing out what's wrong and what's right. You might think they have confidence but really they are crying out. Pinching and turning, making sure everything is perfect.

Baby love your body and mind because what you have is hard to find. Rare like a sea pearl, the prettiest of them all. So strong and sure. No doubt you are more than enough.

You radiate a energy that could power up a whole continent. Like fire and ice you are irresistible so fiesty and sweet. Smart isn't the word, it would undermine your true talent. Interesting and bright always showing new sides.

Full of wisdom and knowledge either educated or always trying. You seek new information and talents. Always giving something a try to be a complete natural. You don't see this though, only the flaws that you let hide behind them all.

Can't you read between the lines they aren't fine. Receiving likes and loves doesn't help define your mind. Only boosts your alter ego, the person you wish you really were.

The mirror sees you in the mirror wiping the tears and blood, attempting to make it alright. Beyond the foundation and beat face is a broken individual, a beat body that has bruises left like a floral pattern. Hiding but we all can see.

Open up and let it all out face your fears but like a deer you run, no longer naive you are blinded by life's reality like the sun. Constant routine of hiding the marks, hoping this will be the last time.

The mirror wants it all to stop, wishing it could say sweet remarks, to help you realize your worth and fight back the hurt. Leave the memories of abuse and late talks. The mirror seen you grow up, seen your highs and lows.

I seen the happiness light up the room and the darkness that stayed for weeks, even months. A tornado flew around your room not even ocean could clean up and sing about. Destruction and pure rage, may I add the anger?

Your body changing to what you think is beautiful, the deep bags under your eyes showing all the luggage you carry on a daily. The fake smile you practice that makes you cry every time.

The mirror seems to see everything you wish you could see as well as all the things you hope to bury at sea. Blessed for you the mirror holds secrets so don't worry it won't share your life of balloons, one poke and boom.