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Poetry on Odyssey: Gino The Man

These are some letters from a young man named Gino. He was hurt badly as a child, he didn't believe that he would be able to get through it all. But he did, and when he was finally free from his terrors he wrote this.

Micheal Zimmerman/ Pixabay

The first letter represents his torture, the second his healing, and the third was his freedom.

Maybe someone will save me from you

I'm nothing in the hands of my abuser

The sculptor of my body

Shaping my curves

Mushing my insides

Mushing and pulling and stretching

Until the oil from their very hands begins to dry me out

My skin has begun to crack

My insides pulse for the need to be filled

Each movement of your rough hand

Breaks me

I turn into dust and powder

Crumbled at your feet

Which you grind into the floor

In heavy iron shoes

I have slipped through your fingers

From oceans to sand.


I imagine your hands

Caressing my face

Her hands coming to a stop at my left cheek

To claw at the skin

Only to find no purchase

And they slide down to my neck

And goes to my shoulder

Grappling at the holds

Digging her nails into my backs

I take in a shuddered breath

I feel…

Her hands, her eyes search down to

My soft navel

To only grapple at my sides

Lovingly called

Love Handles

And she has left her mark on me.


From my chest to my arms to my hands

My throat clogs

My body becomes stiff

As this disease spreads through me and I become

Nothing but a shell I try to move

The only thing seeming to work are the fingers

And my eyes

Slow blinks happening getting to fo what they need

Protecting my eyes

My brain has become ice

Numbed and in pain

The ringing in my ears become louder

I don't understand what's happening to me

I just know that this always going to be apart of me

I'll always have to live with this.

I miss the smoothness of my pen

As its slick tip glides against the page

But holding anything has become too much to bear

I don't understand what in supposed to do

The thoughts of escape come rushing in

I'm pulled into dark tides and rough seas

And salty waters

I stare into the glowing creatures eyes

The stare back at me

Their eyes bulbous and large

And their jaws widen revealing rows and rows of large sharp teeth

I stare into its depths

Before being sucked into the darkness

And feel the teeth cut through my ankles

You are now only left with my feet


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