Poetry on Odyssey: Charleston
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Student Life

Poetry on Odyssey: Charleston

"Tourists come and go, but they don't love Charleston like I do"

Poetry on Odyssey: Charleston
Megan Adair

The best city in the South, you'll never want to leave

Campus is in the middle of downtown, so much here to be achieved

The landscapes and architecture are beautiful

The history is what makes the city unusual

I love attending school here, but there is so much more here than a college

Endless boutiques and cafes to try, life is almost flawless

Time truly moves slower down here,

So sit on your porch and relax in your rocking chair

Three different beaches to choose from, but that's not even the best part

Each different colored house is like a masterpiece of art

Walking on rainbow row, an explosion of colors

Every day, there is something new to discover

Studying hard, after all I am here for school

But in my free time, I like to have adventures too

Sneaking into hotel pools with friends

In Charleston, the fun never ends

Tourists come and go, but they don't love Charleston like I do

Voted the number 1 city in the US, listen to the reviews!

After graduation, I want to live here forever

The charm and beauty cannot be measured

Pictures do not do it justice

I feel like i'm home, no need for a compass

I'm so happy to be back and for the school year to start

Each day, the city captures more of my heart

If you haven't been yet, then come on down

There's something truly special about the South

Thick southern accents fill the streets

All the locals are kind-hearted and sweet

Walking down King street, I have nothing to buy

But I still like to stroll and shop with my eyes

Walk to the waterfront park and see the pineapple fountain

The times I have done this is countless

Endless love for my beautiful home and city

The best place to study hospitality.

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