Poetry On Odyssey: Brother
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Student Life

Poetry On Odyssey: Brother

When you lose a friend, it can really hurt.

Poetry On Odyssey: Brother
Trae Morgan-White

When I wrote this poem yesterday, I reflected on a lot of unresolved conflicts and troubles I faced before we abruptly left Penn State. People who know me are aware that I am very passionate about friendships, and I am very genuine and generous.

I had a friend that I met a year ago that really meant a lot to me. He was always my top supporter, always had something positive to say; he was like a brother to me.

Until we ended up working together on a business level, I started to understand why mixing business and pleasure is often considered dangerous. It ruined our friendship. I tried to own up to my own demons; at the time, I felt abandoned completely without proper closure.

It's been three months since the incident, and I continue to ponder about what happened.

Can't imagine how good it must be for you

To witness my retrogression with a blind eye

Cherish every beautifully dull part of your life

Without me

You didn't say goodbye

While I try to move forward from you

I'm still surrounded by false-hearted fragments

You left behind

Christmas cards on construction paper

Voice memos of us I thought I deleted

Photos of when we were unbreakable

And when I reminisce, it breaks me

You didn't say goodbye

That night I tried to find the sharpest object

To crave across my wrist

Trying to write an alternate ending of our bond

Over-analyzing your introverted intentions

Currently talking reckless for your attention

You lurk in silence, increase the tension

I loved you


For making me belong

You should have clarified that

I wouldn't belong to you

You didn't say goodbye

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