Poetry On Odyssey: Anticipation

Poetry On Odyssey: Anticipation

Anticipation can be a scary but beautiful experience at the same time.



It’s everywhere.

It brings chills to the string of your hairs.

It creeps up in unexpected times

It is the shaky trickling, crawling shoot of anxiety

Arriving at the most random times

Contributor of stress and massive deadlines

It is the waiting period.

The excitement of that exam.

The nervousness of giving a speech for the first time

The joy of welcoming a newborn into the world

The worry of incoming seniors for life after college.

The uncertainty of landing an entry-level job

The waiting. The unsureness. The manifestation of stress

Or happiness

The impulsivity of action

About to burst if not satisfied

It brings a space between waiting and getting there

Whether it ’s a goal or activity.

We need anticipation.

Because that’s where the adventure begins and end.

Thus, embrace and accept it.

Anticipation is a gift.

It cultivates patience.

It is scary.

But it helps with growth,

Spiritually. Emotionally. Physically.

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