Poetry On Odyssey: The Lost Princess

Poetry On Odyssey: The Lost Princess

She was forever mortal, unless the blood of an innocent led her back.


The past week in Literature class, we watched a Spanish movie named "Pan's Labyrinth;" the piece is a tug-of-war between magic and realism and shows the cruelty of both the real world and the world between worlds. The following poem was inspired by the movie, a movie I consider a flawless masterpiece.

Her mind was fractured,

Broken and blistered.

She shivered as her arms went up to her shoulders,

Her silk white night-gown fluttering with the wind,

Her pale skin glowing only paler with moonlight.

Her once-honey eyes, now the color of mud,

Stared below

Into the deep, dark infinite well.

For below her was a secret kingdom—

A kingdom which lay in slumber,

Awaiting a princess's return.

Promise me,

Promise me you won't tell anybody.

She was the lost princess of the land way down under,

She was forever lost,

She was forever mortal,

Unless the blood of an innocent led her back.

The trees groaned around her,

The grass rustled ever so slightly,

For her pain was felt everywhere.

The branches creaked in agony,

And the wind whispered her name.

She looked back up.

The moonlight began to dim,

The sun began to rise,

Another night away.

Alas, the princess would always remain,


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; any references to a person, place, or thing is purely coincidental.

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