Not everything works out the way you like, unfortunately, that's a factor of life we have all come to know. Sometimes it breaks you down inside numbing your will to push onward and it's hard. This is a poem I wrote about that feeling.

Sometimes I Feel Like The Joker

Sometimes I feel like the joker

Wide Grin

Pretending I've never been happier

But if someone were to ask why I smile this way

They'd know how I had to fake it

I'd admit I had to take everything about you that made me smile

And Rip it away from myself

Cause it's hard to go from talking about you daily

To tearing your name from my mouth

As if it was never in my vocabulary

But I guess some wounds never heal

Because part of me still Hopes you'll come back

So when my jaw hangs from the rips

And I see you and the one you told me not to worry about

Sometimes even stitches won't hold it together

Do you want to know how I got these scars?

Loving someone who didn't love me the way I did

And trying to fill that void with pieces that just don't fit

I guess sometimes I feel like the joker because

we all go a little mad sometimes