Poetry On Odyssey: Candles

While thrift shopping with a friend, I found an amazing deal on some delicious smelling candles. I've never kept candles in my room before. For some time I actively avoided them and the emotions I associated with them. It was easier than trying to confront myself over it. What I learned, though, as I stared into the tiny flame flickering above a pool of melted wax, is that you can't let bad situations ruin precious things. You'll just end up depriving yourself of the best life has to offer.

melt melt melt me down
into liquid
too hot to touch

pour pour pour me out
into your hand
to watch me set

break break break me up
into pieces
too small to see

brush brush brush me off
into the air
to drift away

watch watch watch me go
into the world
too free to care

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