All The Ways Allah Says He Loves You
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Poetry: All The Little "I Love You's" From Allah

Allah always finds a way to say, "I love you" in all the big and little ways. You just never noticed.

Poetry: All The Little "I Love You's" From Allah

When the dawn breaks,

and the adhan states:

"Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Ash-hadu alla ilaha illallah,"

Allah gifts you a moment of peace,

before sweeping pastel arcs across the sky,

caressing your eyes with a glimpse of His bountiful beauty.

So much more of which thrives in Jannah,

witnessed only after you die.

Every breath before that moment is a blessing from the Lord,

little "I love you's" intertwined in every good day and bad,

from slight pauses in the rain,

to pay raises and school grades,

and friendships lost for lessons learned.

Complete with a warm hug of sajdah at night to soothe the day's hurt,

Allah calls 5 times a day, just to see how you are.

Yet if you miss one or all five of His message,

you don't feel guilty at all.

He sends a book for you to read,

so we can know each other better, and says,

"Tell me how you feel," or

"Tell me what you think."

Yet, you leave it on the night-stand,

or propped up in a display,

or hidden out of eye's sight,

like it's a burden that won't decay.

He sends you glad-tidings,

bright, laughter-filled days,

hoping you see His gold lining every one of your silver moments.

So you send a whisper of grateful atonement,

because He wants any and every reason

to propel you to success.

Yet, you ignore His knocks on the heart of your door,

throw out letters slid through the slot,

and lock the door,

hook the chain,

yell "Go away!" when His reminders came

just for you, in human form.

So after some time, He let trouble knock on your door,

because only in hardship do you realize,

how weak, helpless, and lost you are,

yet with such ease and acceptance of defeat,

you plot your own demise.

Sleeping pills, cut wrists, a rope hanging from the ceiling,

all because you desire relief...

when you could've fallen into the loving arms of sujud,

cupped your hands in the dua to catch tears,

had a proper conversation with your Lord,

who, for all these years you never tried to hear,

who, for all these years you never cared to see,

who, for all these years you never bothered to sense

all the little "I love you's" He sent.

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