I strayed between life and death

A new species endued with animation

I was its creator and source

I played with light, thunder, waves

All would owe their being to me

Our dark world was but a plaything in my hands

But distant stars in worlds far away

Through the silent workings of immutable laws

Struck me off my feet

My success was torn apart

The unfinished, lost decree burnt away

Now to know it in my memory

The icy wall of the glacier overhung me

The abrupt sides of vast mountains were before me

I could see for miles, miles, miles

And a variety of feelings appeared to me again

The hurricane of enthusiasm was broken

And magnificent scenes elevated me from all littleness of feeling

There's nothing you can do

For the fall of man

But oh! imperial Nature; the force between when the sunlight is arising

No mortal could support the solemn silence of this glorious presence

And at once above the jagged vacance thick with ice

I knew I was not magnificent