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Poetry On Odyssey: You Made Me Bleed

If you love me, you wouldn't hurt me.

Poetry On Odyssey: You Made Me Bleed

You have a hold on me.

Putting your hands on my pregnant body.

Coming home drunk every night,

Your face is beet red but so are the colors dripping down my face.

You think you have the right to abuse me just because I'm your wife.

Someone should've told you I'm not a piece of property.

Your mother knows but she turns her head.

Scolds me and says, "Just do as you're told."

My own mother couldn't care less.

Their family helps with our financial problems but what about my own happiness?

Why am I being treated like dirt?

I have a mind of my own but no one wants me to show it.

Just because I'm a woman, I should be gentle and sweet.

The intelligence is saved for the man while the wife looks like a goddess.

A traditional culture I live in.

I cannot escape even though the times have changed.

It has changed for some parts of the world.

The third world country cultures remain the same.

When I'm treated like meat, no one looks my way.

I'm an object of your affection but all I am to you is a body to swim in.

The day I wed was a happier time in my life.

We bowed our heads to our relatives and drank wine from the same cup.

To this day, I have it in my bedroom.

Two years later, it's like your colors have changed.

I knew you were a drinker but I didn't care.

You were kind to me with your ever-changing colored hair.

Your brown eyes called to me and I was drawn to your loud personality.

Guess quiet and sweet meets fun and playful was a combination of great success.

But you threw a chair towards me when your night of drinking was over.

You've hit me numerous times, night after night.

We live with your family but they don't seem to mind.

Can't call the police because they are no where near our town.

I can't run away since you took all of my money.

You made sure everything that was mine was yours.

Not sure where this future leads since our baby is on the way.

I hope you don't touch the baby with violence.

Just kindness and gentle are what you should learn first.

Learn and your baby will follow your footsteps.

Otherwise, I would rather take the baby somewhere far from you.

Without you, I'll hold the baby tight and take it for a drive.

Where? I'm not sure but that's the surprise.

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