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10 Podcasts for everyone in your life, Know-It-All Aunt Included

Podcasts are finally getting the hype they have always deserved! Here are just a few for everyone in your life from your picky DIY handyman dad to your distant cousin who retweets every singly tiny kitchen video on Twitter.

girlboss podcast
Nikki Anderson

1. Stuff You Should Know for Your Know-It-All Aunt


She interrupts every family conversation to show that she knows everything about everything, a true self proclaimed expert. This podcast is perfect for this know-it-all and for anyone else interested in just knowing stuff. Following along as the creators of How stuff works enlighten us on everything from champagne, LSD, chaos theory, and Rosa Parks.

Stuff You Should Know

2. Stuff Mom Never Told You for Your BFF with Secret Nipple Piercings


She's sassy, and a bit smart-assy and dives deep into feminist culture. This Podcast is smart and forward thinking and recognizes the challenges women face and suggest solutions to further women's lives and careers! For the woman who wants to know more about women

Stuff Mom Never Told You

3. The Read for Your Woke Twitter Friend Obsessed with Beyonce


They know everything about every pop culture reference and artist and are an expert on throwing shade. The Read is the perfect combination of shade throwing, tea spilling, and best friend therapy talks for anyone adjusting to life in 2018. Share this pop culture gem with all your friends, internet and all.

The Read

4. This American Life (and Serial and S-Town) for Your True Crime Obsessed Parents


They're up to date, they're informed, and they're also nosy as hell. anything and everything put together by The creators of This American Life is perfect for all parental figures and the True Crime obsessed. A must listen for everyone.

This American Life

5. Stuff You Missed in History Class for Your History Buff Uncle


He's got a History lesson to go with every comment at the family reunion. Send him this podcast to get a funnier more interesting approach to telling history, better than your average history class that much I can tell you.

Stuff You Missed In History Class

6. Bombcast for Your Video Game Junkie of a Brother


He will talk your ear off about the latest video games and why PC gaming is better and requires more skill for HOURS. This podcast is sure to keep him even more informed and more entertained than he already is and a complete master of all things gaming.

Giant Bombcast

7. Put Your Hands Together With Cameron Esposito for Your Comedy Loving Cousin


He's got a comedian to recommend for every family member and every time you go over his house all you watch are comedy shows. This podcast puts together the best live performances of stand up comedians right to your ears.

Put Your Hands Together with Cam And Rhea

8. The Mike Dolce Show for Your Wannabe Fitness Trainer Cousin


She or he post vids of them working out on their instagram story every day, they're most likely "Sponsored" by some fitness company and they just love to tell you all about their fitness journey. Mike Dolce interviews athletes, doctors, bodybuilders, and dietitians as World MMA trainer of the year from 2013-2016, he's tough and he's smart and he brings entertainment and motivation to every episode.

The Mike Dolce Show

9. Girl Boss with Sophia Amoruso for Your Sister


She's witty, crazy smart, and more put together than anyone you know, annoyingly perfect. GirlBoss Sophia Amoruso talks with other self made girl bosses of all walks of life giving advice, sharing stories, and just being gals. She'll thank you for this one.


10. The Friend Zone for You


The perfect podcast to sit in on conversations of 3 friends discussing self care, mental health, dating, relationships, and social and cultural topics with very differing opinions. These guys will make you laugh just as much as they make you think.

The Friend Zone

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