As a POC, Biden is Doing a Good Job
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Politics and Activism

As a POC, Biden is Doing a Good Job

Stop and listen before you disagree.

As a POC, Biden is Doing a Good Job

There is no need to remanence on the last four years in terms of politics.

It was hectic and a downright disgrace to our democracy and has only further divided the country. If the Assault on the Capitol hasn't convinced you enough that this country is in some need of reconstruction. So when I watched the Inauguration of President Biden, I exhaled the breath that was lumped in my throat after all those years. Right away Biden got to work and signed a plethora of Executive Orders reversing former President Trump's ignorant policies (that Trump enacted to get back at Obama), showcasing that from day one the new Administration is there to work. But as we are now a week or so into the new Presidency, I have been seeing a lot of people critical of Biden. One group I have seen are individuals calling for Police Reform, Defunding, and more demands similar to the ones that echoed the Black Lives Matter protest last Summer. I do not know why but for me this annoyed me and let me explain why.

Obviously being a minority in the United States I have called for police reform and an end to racism.

Had the coronavirus not ravaged the country back in the summer, I would've protested against the police. My form of activism didn't stem from simply posting a black screen on Instagram and calling it quits; it's an ever-evolving cycle of news and information that I share and try to educate with individuals. So why am I fine with President Biden not immediately doing police reform? Because there are other things that are in the way of that.

First off, let me start off by continuing on what I mentioned earlier, we are in a pandemic with a deadly virus that is ravening communities especially Black and Brown communities. According to WSYX News in Columbus, there were a reported 4878 new cases of COVID-19 in Ohio as of last Friday. And we know that these numbers are just from confirmed cases, who knows how many are not confirmed. Vaccine distribution must be rolled out immediately and Biden knows this. One of Biden's First 100 Day plans is to get 100 Million Americans Vaccinated. The President was critiqued before the inauguration about this plan but now after taking office, news reporters questioned if 100 Million was not enough.

Biden snaps at reporter: "Give me a break"

Yes, I am biased with President Biden, I did vote for him and I grew up with the Obama presidency.

But that doesn't mean I will not be critical when the time comes and that time is not now.

Yes police brutality is bad and yes it is a real issue, but the virus doesn't discriminate. Professionals in the medical field are starting to note how the people who are being vaccinated are the ones not in POC neighborhoods . From the start, this virus has hit Black and Brown communities the worst and because of that there is annoyance throughout the entire pandemic on how white individuals have behaved themselves; going to parties, not wearing masks all while these older and more vulnerable members of society are being killed off.

Another quick point I want to mention, even with Biden enacting some sort of Executive Order against the police Trump made it more difficult for him to enact some of his promises. The former president was not the brightest bulb in the pack, but he knew how to cheat. He was a businessman after all and you don't get power without stepping over people and appointing sympathizers to your front. Throughout his presidency, Trump installed conservative federal judges in many United States Districts. Wikipedia provides a full list of Federal Judges Appointed By Donald Trump and it just keeps going and going the further you go down. These judges can block executive orders that they see unfit under Biden and they already have. A Federal Judge blocked an Executive Order that would've assisted with Immigration Reformed. The President is presented with checks and balances and Biden has to figure out which way to enact his promises and that will take time. Just last week he signed some Executive Orders that will act as a building block to total police reform. But again this will take time. Now if it is a year later and he hasn't done anything then yes let's voice our opinions. But I much rather as a POC worry about the virus that is killing my people off first before a cop.

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